The 5th Force of Nature Tells You

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 15 August 2023

To describe what happens in the universe, scientists expect the new force to be confirmed. If it's confirmed, the current theory will have to be rewritten. But there's something important to know...

Scientists are now close to discovering the fifth force of nature, according to news reports. The fifth force is associated with a subatomic particle called muons. If it's verified, the Standard Model would be rewritten.

The Standard Model defines four forces - strong, weak, electromagnetic and gravitational. And the additional force is expected to describe the phenomenon that the current theory can't explain.

In my opinion, whether it's 4 or 5, it feels like defining the same force under different conditions. I'm not a scientist or good at mathematics on earth, so I think it's better for me to understand, observe and use a simpler theory.

I prefer to see the world in terms of the 2 key domains - consciousness and mind. The primary domain is consciousness and the secondary domain is mind. So my R&D is also divided into 2 categories - consciousness tech and electromagnetic tech.

It's better for humanity to discover new things like removing the thicker veils from the collective reality, but there's one thing we should keep in mind - the deception systems.

As I often say, the deception systems have multiple illusions, called the illusion systems, and each illusion system contains multiple mind cages. They're perceived by humanity as layered veils that need to be peeled off. In the spiritual industry and mysticism, some of the layered illusions and cages are recognised as the astral and etheric realms, as well as the physical realm.

Science on earth, especially physics, plays an important role in discovering what someone designed and created in the past. So it's very good at verifying something rather than creating. This means that sooner or later science on earth will discover the evidence of how the deception systems work.

On the other hand, both the spiritual and self-help industries tend to use scientific theories to justify or sell their services and products. In particular, the quantum mechanism has been used by these industries. AI has also been used by them to get more customers. But I think this situation will be squashed by real science.

Whether it's positive or negative, I have a strong feeling that there're intentional forces coming from the unseen world to set things right and correct things that they have used to deceive people. It's not typical disclosures that focus mainly on finding people or entities in the back room. It's a platform thing.

One of the effective approaches for now is to cultivate a new field with new technologies of consciousness and electromagnetism as a bridge strategy to wait for a new science to discover and verify the new field. So I feel very strongly that we shouldn't be so easily propagated by unconfirmed or obscure things.

If the current theory still doesn't prove something, you can do lots of experiments yourself to evaluate your own hypothesis BEFORE you sell it. It's a scientific approach.