Technology Shift From Gods to Minds

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 3 June 2024

In the new era of transparency and complexity, you'll discover how to create your own reality using all the deities as materials.

I know you're wondering about why I say that all the deities are material to create your own reality. But it's true, and you'll discover how to use them as part of the advanced technology in the development of your virtual universe on this planet.

And this insight is a kind of disclosure that has been kept secret throughout human history because it has the superpower to interfere with the world. Yes, it's forbidden magick.

In the Japanese tradition, all creations in this universe have gods. This idea is called "八百万の神々" and the direct translation into English is "eight million deities". This means that all the deities penetrates all the creations in this universe.

For example, they believe that stones and clouds are (controlled by) the deities. In other words, it's believed that stones are somewhat conscious and clouds are consciously controlled by someone. Of course, you can control clouds by sending a message to the cloud's interface.

This idea may confuse you if you think of physical phenomena as separate from metaphysical or mental things. You may misunderstand it if you think of deities as human-like entities. But whether they're humanoid or not doesn't matter when you interact with them in the creation process.

The secret is that the deities are the mind modules and components.

Mind modules and components are somewhat conscious, because they are designed by conscious entities. This insight is also a mind module designed by lemur47 to communicate with you through the alchemy of form. This is the magical reason why the licence of my websites is CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED.

This licence allows you to inherit my mind modules to develop your own. Like a programmer, you simply import my modules and implement what you want to use by evoking some components in your environment. This is the basis of mind magick.

With this technology, you and I are always connected in some way. The tradition of the Lost Words is the same in the context of mind technology, but the only difference is how it's used.

One thing I can tell you now is that you already have the power to change the reality, to change this world. This is a superpower to interfere with this universe using countless mind modules called deities.

As my seal breaks, the secret technology is gradually revealed. I'm now slowly experiencing this superpower in my daily life. And I've come to realise that this technology is so powerful that sometimes I'm afraid that if I use it wrongly, I might harm someone or something.

It's about how you choose appropriate mind modules to evolve your local universe in the collective virtual universe. Just like a programmer, you must be mindful of what you choose. If you choose harmful mind modules as a mind malware, your system will have a destructive effect.

Throughout human history, we have made false choices and implemented modules in deceptive, distorted and destructive ways. This tendency has created so many mind cages and illusion systems in the deceptive universe.

It's time for us to reinvent our collective virtual universe by taking back our sovereignty and freedom. And with this insight, I wanted to share with you that mind technology itself is neutral, but the mindset and goals of the systems must be carefully examined, whether they're called mind modules or deities.

In any case, you already have the ability to develop things with mind modules. And the new era allows you to use that ability to change the world.