Stop What You're Doing to Save Yourself

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 30 August 2023

Because we have lost our minds by not stopping, the civilisation on Terra is dying and becoming more vulnerable. It's about time we stop our minds and actions.

We're now on the verge of having to stop what we're doing. The current civilisation of deception, corruption, exploit, consumption, destruction and enslavement has killed our minds by constantly urging us all not to stop what we're doing.

As we can see from the situation where all 14 of Toyota's assembly plants were shut down on Tuesday due to a glitch in their computer system, our civilisation is built on a very vulnerable foundation. But we mindlessly try not to stop what we're doing.

This tendency creates more vulnerabilities by adding more modules and components to the existing buggy and fragile systems. This means that hackers and crackers can find a breakthrough to break systems or gain unauthorised access, like Seiko was recently breached by ransomware.

Companies tend to add multiple solutions to protect and monitor their laptops and IT assets, but this 'add more rules and tools' mindset creates a very complex environment and it ends up creating 'hard to detect' problems over and over again.

The same goes for automation and integration in AI and the digital world. People add automation tools to connect the apps they are currently using, but this also creates very buggy and complex workflows. When a glitch occurs, citizen developers can't easily find the best solution to fix it, and they're not good at preventing the same problems.

When it comes to investment and the startup ecosystem, blitz scaling and unstoppable growth are very much preferred. Some VCs and entrepreneurs recently and relatively wait and take a sufficient incubation period (e.g. 4 years), but most people can't wait that long.

The same thing also happens in the spiritual industry. Most people who are inspired by the genetic mind or other invisible entities tend to start their business very quickly without thinking and evaluating what they have received. And they start marketing through social media, blog posts and books.

As you can see, there's a lot of starseed assessment as exactly the same form of horoscope and number-based divination. I think they seem to confuse it with DNA, deceptive strategies and real starseed covert operations. And this vulnerability point has been exploited by the rulers and their human reps.

These unstoppable greed and tendencies continue to create tons of mind glitches, system incidents and endless loopholes. And they're spreading countless false information all over the world. Is this a healthy situation created for an advanced civilisation to be creating? NO.

In the dark web of the alchemy network (it's just a metaphor), the forerunners say "today is a harvest time to separate the wheat from the chaff and the weeds", and I could see that this is very true.

If I were a strategist or an activist who wanted to destroy the entire civilisation, I wouldn't hesitate to take full advantage of these electromagnetic vulnerabilities. And I'd prepare and deploy a bio-weapon that would only work against those who eat animals. Because it could easily target both systems and populations.

This thought experiment is just a virtual example, but looking at the situation in the world, I can't say it's just a delusion. Things are relatively moving in the direction of destruction and reconstruction.

Even if people on Terra and other entities want to avoid chaotic situations, the chaos and catastrophic situations will be manifested by people and other entities because of their choices and actions. I feel strongly that we can avoid being weeded out by our behaviour.