Stop Duct-Taping to Solve Problems

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 13 September 2023

The new era and its criteria are completely different from the status quo. CEOs and managers will have a very tough time in the near future.

Every time I hear someone talk about strategy and management, it sounds super weird to me and I've always wondered how their strategy really works.

Most of them just parrot clichés - find a particular problem, research the market and competitors, build a differentiating solution, introduce advanced technology, start small, expand quickly, etc.

When it comes to strategy and business plans, I've seen '95% of the same' presentations from strategy consultants. Most companies often say "we need a very differentiated business model to win", but the reality is that their business model and strategy is 95% the same as their competitors.

To be honest, I found this situation is so strange.

And I think it's hard to say that most strategies and business plans have been successful. If you have ever worked as a consultant on a large project, you know this. Most strategies end up using swarming tactics a lot to mitigate the failures and gaps between their plans and reality.

How strategy works - meme creator

The same applies to the IT industry and the startup ecosystem.

If you look at the products that startups are building, you get the feeling that they're building tons of 'duct-taping' solutions. It creates more problems and new suffering for the social environment. Investors are putting their money into the area of AI, biotech, fintech and web3, but they're not solving fundamental problems.

Why does this situation persist?

One of the superficial reasons is higher education for recruitment. This criterion has created a 'cookie-cutter' ecosystem in the global economy. For the human reps of the ancient deities and the global elite, the economic grid can be very easily managed, manipulated and maintained with this 'one-size-fits-all' structure.

One of the individual problems is the culture of comparison. If you want to do something new, you might begin by searching the internet to see what others are doing, or by asking experts or self-proclaimed success people. These tendencies create a 'cookie-cutter' solution because the starting point is always the same.

So 'intelligent people' parrot the same phrases and old clichés over and over again.