Spiritual Cybersecurity

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 21 July 2023

In the mind system of humanity, there are so many risks in our daily lives. How can we prevent spiritual attacks and reduce the risk of being exploited? How can we identify our vulnerabilities to expose the risks?

When it comes to protecting your mind, the first thing you can check is the state of yourself. But an effective strategy is not to focus heavily on your snapshot. The strategy that you and I should adopt is to approach the flow of information once you know its structure. This is a simple but powerful approach in spiritual cybersecurity.

Here's a good analogy. Your smartphone is your little you. It consists of hardware, middleware and software. It connects to the wireless network and the cloud environment. It has a lot of apps on it. The apps work with an operating system. It deals with electromagnetic energy and sound vibes. It has sensors. In fact, it works as a device that handles a lot of information.

And most importantly, the little you is always exposed to dangers and risks. Some say legal malware, the operating system and official apps track, monitor and collect the data you're generating. The apps you install also track, monitor and collect data. Moreover, the little you unknowingly or unintentionally click the links to malicious or phishing sites. The network the little you access is sometimes so vulnerable.

To protect the little you, it's not enough to focus on snapshots. It's good to check and monitor its health, but it doesn't solve any problems. You might want to install a trusted VPN app, antivirus software, end-to-end encryption apps, and a zero-trust firewall for network and DNS. Most importantly, you should be fully alert and aware of what you are doing in the digital and internet world.

Let's look at specific use cases.

If you prefer to use public Wi-Fi networks, the risk of being misdirected and exploited is extremely high. Crackers provide fake access points and when you connect to them, they redirect you to malicious sites. This works like a honeypot, so be careful if you're in an international airport or a cafe.

The same happens with phishing emails and texts. Crackers send an email or text with a phishing link. These emails and texts pretend to be from banks, investors, online shops and sometimes the payment gateway you use. So if you're always busy and distracted by social media apps, you're more likely to click the link and be taken to a malicious site.

The third case is more malicious. Some offer free apps, such as VPN or antivirus, that track, monitor and collect your data. They then sell it to third parties. In one case, a free VPN app contained a malicious program that turns your phone into a zombie as part of their botnet. Once you install the app, it starts attacking other websites.

The same thing is always happening to the spiritual industry and the mind system of humanity.

If you take these use cases seriously, as analogies to spiritual cybersecurity, you will realise that one of the most effective strategies for preventing attacks and reducing risk is to approach the flow of information and energy. It's not enough to take a snapshot of yourself, such as your state of mind, mental and physical health. Because you can't change the results and symptoms.

These use cases tell you that all the risks are in the workflow and the decision-making process. So you should be aware of what you're doing in the flow of information and energy. Consuming channeling sessions and books is one of them. So is starting a fast track business in the spiritual industry. You could unwittingly join the malicious network or be exploited as a zombie device as part of their botnet.