Sound Art That Puts You in a Creative Mode

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 28 August 2023

If you want to use both focus and creative modes, this insight and sound art will inspire you with practical experience.

I have a question for you. Are you really good at focusing on a certain task at a time? If so, here's the second question: Do you think you're very good at multitasking, or are you often overwhelmed by the environment around you?

Whatever your answer, there's something you can do to boost your creativity.

When it comes to creativity, researchers and writers tend to compare concentration with mind wandering and multitasking. I think that's really interesting because it's a combination of your heart and your mind.

I think your creativity is related to the 3Fs. Focus, Filter and Flexibility.

Focus requires you to avoid the environment and habits of multitasking. Most people who confidently say that they are very good at multitasking are very inefficient and ineffective in terms of creativity and long term decision making.

The state of flow can't be achieved from this state, and the state is related to the level, layers and scope of your focus.

Filtering is related to focus, but it's more like the scope and bandwidth you perceive simultaneously. If, like me, you're not good at filtering out both audible and unseen noise in a crowded environment, you'll be very irritated by the annoying sounds of typical conversations and thoughts - gossip, love and hate, money, anger, strong desire, I'm not wrong, look at me, more and more things.

Flexibility is the ability to move seamlessly between a narrow and a wider perspectives. If you've already successfully got rid of the things that distract you from your surroundings, then you'll naturally go into a 'very concentrated mode'. It's a similar but technically opposite process to quickly going into a meditative or alpha state.

In the case of the wider perspective, as we explored yesterday, you're dealing with 10x more objects than when you're concentrating on a particular subject. This state of mind gives you an incredible amount of information, as if you're a part of the vast network and nodes. This experience reminds you that you're an inter-dimensional and omnipresent entity - individuated and collective consciousness.

One thing I want to talk about today is filtering.

Filtering is a powerful function of your mind. This function always acts like a firewall in cybersecurity. But this protection is NOT very effective in protecting both your conscious and subconscious/unconscious minds.

If you're interested in how the mind firewall works, please read the research article. The article describes how you're influenced by your environment. This vulnerability of the human mind has long been exploited in mind control and manipulation.

To explain the details of mind filtering and heart sensing, please listen to this sound art for a moment. If possible, don't use your headphones.

This sound art is deliberately designed to blend into the environment around you. It's not easy to separate it from the sounds of the environment and it may irritate you because of this dissolution. In short, it's designed to move you from a concentrated mode to a wandering mode.

I'm not good at filtering out the environmental noise and sounds, so I always hear what's going on, like this sound art. If I can successfully get into the flow state, this disability helps me to do difficult things in natural flow. If I can't, it stresses me out because there's a lot of data.

And I found the difference between the flow state and the strong pressure.

When I activate my heart-sensing grid outside or before the mind modules, it works seamlessly with less stress or pressure. It purely gets what's happening here and after the plain and short experience, the past experience and knowledge comes into my mind.

Activate both your heart and your mind

But when I'm overwhelmed and stressed, especially in survival mode, I tend to take things seriously based on past experience and dichotomous system rules. This state is exactly a 'protection mode' and this mode drops most of the information that comes into my electromagnetic field.

This means that in survival mode, I'm most likely to ignore or drop new things and important information. That's why I've immersed myself in the spiritual and self-development industries with less bias. Being a newcomer to these industries and trying to absorb what's being said has helped me a lot.

I think undercover work, like the starseed programmes, requires both ability and disability. The same thing goes for hacking the deception systems and our collective consciousness.

If we use what we have - heart and mind - fully, it takes us to a whole new place. But if we use them wrongly, in the wrong order, we're likely to drop and ignore an incredible amount of new information.

And that's why the rulers and their human reps have tried to force us into survival mode. And the survival mode works as a punishment to make you a bliss junkie with rewards.

This is the main reason why we need to manage our device and our environment ourselves, avoiding control and manipulation, achieving sovereignty and freedom.