Security and Privacy for Everything

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 2 August 2023

In cybersecurity, cracking techniques and malware are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It's like advanced weapons in information warfare. The same goes for your spirituality.

Recently, cybersecurity has been a serious topic behind the scenes. While people play with generative AI, cracking techniques have gradually become more sophisticated and advanced.

So when you think about AI ethics and privacy, you'd better think about yourself first.

Your smartphone, tablet and laptop are the target. The apps you install and use, the words you type on a keyboard, the bank and credit card information are all targets, as are the messages you send and receive.

This is no longer the age of remembering and using complex passwords for the apps.

So the leaders in security and SaaS products are focusing on encryption, network security, device security and privacy. Since security and privacy are similar but quite different in focus and purpose, we need to examine both sides of the same coin. The coin we need to examine is sovereignty and freedom.

Interestingly, the latest cracking techniques use the open source ecosystem to implement advanced modules in clones or branches of malware. Crackers are now more creative than ever. Malware is no longer a cheap program detected by an AV scan.

The latest malware attempts to uninstall or disable antivirus software and firewalls, and uses various jamming techniques to avoid detection. The malware also masquerades as a productivity and privacy app. This means that as cybersecurity technology evolves, so does malware.

So you need to think and act more strategically. The situation requires you a more systematic approach. This means that you need to activate your ability to observe things in depth.

One of the key points for security, you can check the following interfaces.

  • Text message and link
  • Email message and attachment
  • Apps you download from app stores
  • Wi-Fi network you join and access
  • Tools you use for antivirus and VPN
  • Cloud storage you download files from
  • Cloud services you subscribe to

As you know, all the key points are related to interfaces in communication. In the software world, we call them both incoming and outgoing data.

So the basic strategy to start with is to secure your interfaces. Securing the interfaces you use means that rethinking what you say, what you think, what you do and what you get. In short, minimalism is a powerful strategy.

That's why the 'more is better' mentality doesn't work for security and privacy. Decluttering what you already have as much as possible comes first. Adding more stuff is absolutely secondary. After securing the interfaces, the next step is to think carefully about privacy.

The companies that work on security don't work on privacy. Just because the apps and devices you use are very secure doesn't mean your privacy is protected, because the companies track, monitor and analyse what you do.

The same thing is always happening in your mind, your heart, your spirituality and the environment around you. Yes, both security and privacy.

As we have explored above, taking the ladder of spiritual ascension doesn't fundamentally solve problems. As you ascend to a higher vibration, the cracking and jamming techniques become more sophisticated and advanced.

If you wish to join the Galactic Federation of Worlds as part of their strategic alliances, this awareness will help you in many ways. You'll become aware of why they have strategic alliances with highly advanced technologies and military equipment.

If we look closely at the situations in our lives, the same things happen over and over again, and we can learn a lot from them about how to protect our mind.

I call this strategy the 'mind protection framework'. And this framework focuses on the structure and flow of information. Just like cybersecurity, you and I care about what, where and how we get information, and why we need the information.

With the framework we can analyse the results, the superficial problems and the root causes at the same time. This means that we will be able to identify the causes that keep us from sovereignty and freedom. The superficial problems are more related to our thoughts and actions, but the root causes are different.

Please forget about all the traditions and teachings you have been consuming. They are most likely to focus on the limited areas such as individualised mind and emotions. No matter how much they talk about the astral and etheric planes, it doesn't solve problems.

The new era of sovereignty and freedom challenges you to think and act in a wider context, from a wider perspective, with a greater amount of information.

So you're better off taking a strategic approach to systems and technology. This will give you the power of sovereignty to solve problems in your own way, not the outdated way of others.