Remove Mind Implants to Be Pure

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 24 July 2023

As you detach the mind implants from your system, you will experience some strange dysfunctions in your daily life. This may feel like a return to your childhood.

As Nick Kolenda wrote in his book 'The Tangled Mind', our minds have been programmed since ancient times. This mind programming is now being used by people for sales and marketing purposes. Some have become obsessed with psychologically manipulating the minds of consumers to sell more.

Honestly, I have to say that they don't realise what they're doing and how it will rebound.

As the ancient deities, other extraterrestrials and the human reps of the rulers have done, they are doing the same thing on a smaller scale. As they try to confine themselves to a smaller universe called 'metaverse', they are about to fall deeper into the more nested virtualised world.

In such a terrible situation, very few people have successfully removed the mind implants from their human system. It's hard to remove all the implants, but I feel that very few people purify and modify their system before they become the fully programmed living dead.

What happens to them in their daily lives are:

  • They are NOT manipulated by primitive concepts
  • They can't communicate with others as before
  • They make a decision according to their values

This means that their mind system is less programmed and NOT easily manipulated anymore. Why these kinds of symptoms can be observed as signals of the removal of the mind implants:

  • Dismantling of some concept mappings in their mindset
  • Their mental models are different from the past
  • They are about to express their sovereignty and freedom

Fortunately, I don't have an innate or genetic implant of 'hierarchy ' and 'status', which is why I have experienced so much hardship in my life. But because of this, I've been able to see the hierarchical structure from a more objective perspective than others.

Specifically, the mind implant of hierarchy and status is closely related to the coding pattern of the genetic or collective mind. This is a mapping of up/down and superior/inferior. And the coding pattern is also related to the more primitive one, which is a mapping of mathematical scale and distance.

Then you will find the basic coding pattern that most mind implants inherit. This is the linear space-time programme. Most components of the current civilisation inherit this basic module. This basic module plays a key role in controlling and manipulating you and me, the people of Terra Earth, and locking us into the mind cage.

These coding patterns express the concept of 'more is better' in a variety of ways. And this is the truth behind the scenes of the genetic information and technology, including the manipulation network.