Rebuilding of the Core of Our Civilisation

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 27 February 2024

Why is this planet full of dysfunction, especially in our society? It is because of the core of our civilisation is based on virtualised universes managed by someone else.

When you think about the myriad dysfunctions in our society, you may be confronted with the reality that we can't fix the systems unless we fix the root cause. But the problem is - what is the root cause?

  • The planetary virtualisation - terraforming
  • The virtual universes on the virtual host
  • The illusion systems and countless mind cages

As consciousness hackers, you and I get into this advanced technology rather than being drowned in a lot of conspiracy theories and spiritual jargon. We prefer to use problem-solving techniques and systems analysis to get to the root cause.

  • The universe we collectively perceive is a set of virtual universes on this planet
  • The set of virtual universes consists of multiple illusion systems
  • The illusion systems consist of countless mind cages

The universe on this planet is very much like a metaverse in the digital world. It is a very small and restricted arena consisting of artificially created multiple dimensions and densities called replicas of true multiverses. Since the technology itself is neutral and neither good nor bad, the goal and rules of the systems are the problem.

  • We need to replace a core virtual universe and its systems with a new one
  • The foundation of planetary virtualisation can be used as it is
  • Understanding of the incarnation structure in the terraforming architecture is required

The solution to the root case is a scientific or technological approach. First we need to understand how the planetary systems work as virtualisation, including ecosystems and incarnation. Then we identify which virtual universe is the core component to inherit, based on the principle of fractal and topology.

  • The virtual host has many virtual universes
  • Virtual universes inherit from a primary virtual universe
  • The primary virtual universe is replaceable
  • The primary virtual universe is a type of mind structure
  • The mind structure is related to mindset and mental models
  • Mindset and mental models are the same as belief systems
  • Belief systems are developed in an object-oriented way
  • Object-oriented way is beyond the linear space-time

In short, the root cause is deeply involved in the programming of the mind. Therefore, in order to fix the core of our civilisation, it is better for us to first fix the way we think and act, because our universe is based on the particular type of mind systems. It makes perfect sense.

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