Privacy, Freedom and Open Source

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 27 July 2023

The world is changing with science and technology. Unfortunately not by the spiritual, religious, economic or political mainstream. Open source ecosystems are now a vital part of our sovereignty and freedom.

Yesterday, I finally unsubscribed from Dashlane and deleted my account and data. All my credentials are now stored temporarily in Bitwarden, and I've learnt that the migration is not difficult if you have a simple and correct strategy.

I'm not saying Dashlane isn't good, I've used it for years both personally and collectively. It has attractive premium features like dark web monitoring, secure sharing, premium VPN with Hotspot Shield. In addition, if you use it for your business, it has an admin feature to manage the accounts.

The reason I migrated is for privacy and freedom. Because my mission is closely related to privacy and freedom, regardless of my project is not a typical business consulting, it's effective that my mental and mind systems are equal to the tools I use and the environment I belong to.

Open source technologies are used to be thought as low-cost or vulnerable way in Japan. Because if your company makes your product open source, all the source code will be publicly available to everyone for free. This means that you may lose opportunities to make more money from development.

In the same way, old school people tend to think that open source products/projects should be used as part of their services and products because it's free to use. But they have never thought about contributing to the open source ecosystem by providing their services and products as open source. They take but don't give.

For the security reasons, they are also afraid to open source their products. After all, anyone can evaluate and find vulnerabilities, so some determined hacker or cracker will be able to break their existing systems. This attitude may be understandable, but it's based on fear and a taker mentality.

This attitude is still prevalent around the world. But things are beginning to change. The open source ecosystem is now very much about privacy and freedom. Privacy and freedom-minded vendors like Proton and Notesnook are sharing their source code so that auditors can check their products.

This movement is exactly part of the new era of transparency and (consciousness) expansion. We're now shutting down the outdated systems based on hidden agendas, elitism, middleman rules and mediumship. We're now entering the new era of transparency by creating a new culture of co-creation and authenticity.