Short Insights

Share small ideas and daily awareness by reading the book of nature. The insights cover a wide range of topics.

Dig Deeper Into Data Protection

Now we're being asked by True Source to look at the big picture, not from a bird's eye view, but from a galactic one. To do that, we have to throw away what we currently have.

Identify the Root Cause With Your Body

To identify the root cause of any symptom, using your body as an analogy is a really good approach. Because your body is built with advanced technologies.

Stop What You're Doing to Save Yourself

Because we have lost our minds by not stopping, the civilisation on Terra is dying and becoming more vulnerable. It's about time we stop our minds and actions.

How Genes Affect Our Culture and History

Regardless of gender, culture and history, whether we have the same or similar figures, we're all different. And the 'one-size-fits-all' civilisation has created so many problems...

Sound Art That Puts You in a Creative Mode

If you want to use both focus and creative modes, this insight and sound art will inspire you with practical experience.