Short Insights

Share small ideas and daily awareness by reading the book of nature. The insights cover a wide range of topics.

Why We Have Not Changed With Technology

We've been trained and convinced by the civilisation to believe that we're constantly evolving with technology. But the reality is very different.

Effective Strategy for Thriving

Grit has been praised in many cultures, and people say 'don't give up'. But the truth is that you can give up and stop competing with others in the survival state.

Enjoy Communicating With Other Species

Are you interested in energy communication? If so, today's insight will take you to a new place to connect with nature.

Demons and Angels Are the Same

Today, I'd like to share with you my conviction, based on almost a decade of research and hardship throughout my life. It may break your mind...

Dealing With More Information and Energy

When it comes to seeing the big picture, you don't necessarily have to ascend to a different dimension. You can expand your consciousness at the present moment...