Short Insights

Share small ideas and daily awareness by reading the book of nature. The insights cover a wide range of topics.

Rebuilding of the Core of Our Civilisation

Why is this planet full of dysfunction, especially in our society? It is because of the core of our civilisation is based on virtualised universes managed by someone else.

Miracles Happening All Around You

If you're always looking for miracles, this insight is for you. Generally, miracles shouldn't happen because of systems, but as your consciousness expands, you will be able to see things you've never seen before.

New Hypothesis: Important Summary for This Year

The final insight in 2023 may surprise you in some way. For this world is changing significantly in the context of alchemy, magic and mind technology.

What Is Your Core Value for Your Career?

Today's insight is a short story about something that has happened in my life recently. If you're feeling uncomfortable about your career, please take this as a mental supplement.

How to Bring Well-Being Into Society

To make this possible, we must first prepare our minds and our environment as a prototype or a minimum viable product for a well-being culture.