Short Insights

Share small ideas and daily awareness by reading the book of nature. The insights cover a wide range of topics.

Battle in the Mind Cage

Instead of consuming too much channeling material, let's look around at what the rulers are saying through the mind system that sits on nature.

Rethink ET Disclosure

In fact, the ET cover-ups have been gradually disclosed. But the important thing for us is to examine the information with a broader perspective.

Spiritual Cybersecurity

In the mind system of humanity, there are so many risks in our daily lives. How can we prevent spiritual attacks and reduce the risk of being exploited? How can we identify our vulnerabilities to expose the risks?

Find Breakthroughs in Flow

Why do you download the data from somewhere invisible? Why can't you explain the data in words? How do you read the akashic records? These questions will give you an important idea of how to dismantle the great ancient magic that keeps you from sovereignty and freedom.

Don't Let Your Reality Be Bent

In business, money plays a vital role of fuel and circulation. It's like a blood circulation in the human body. But most companies seriously focus mainly on how much blood they can make or take. Where's the purpose of keeping them alive?