Short Insights

Share small ideas and daily awareness by reading the book of nature. The insights cover a wide range of topics.

Real Innovation That Makes Difference

We tend to change small things on the outside. We prefer not to change the way we think and act. This tendency doesn't make the world a better place.

AI vs. Human in Communication

Before we consume conspiracy theories and get comfortable with deceptive spiritual 'positive' information, let's think about what we think and how we behave.

Resonance With Stars and the Starseed Myth

When you look up at the night sky, do certain stars resonate with you? Why do you feel something about the stars? Let's take a look at both science and myth.

More Care for the Safety of Your Stakeholders

Even if you and I are not of security and privacy specialists, we can be more careful about how we treat customer and client data. The balance between your efficiency and collective care is key.

How to Broaden Your Perception

Everyone often says 'transcend time', but they are not transcending. The reason we're stuck in the linear world is our limited perception.