New Hypothesis: Important Summary for This Year

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 31 December 2023

The final insight in 2023 may surprise you in some way. For this world is changing significantly in the context of alchemy, magic and mind technology.

I feel that this year there were a lot of significant changes happened to our civilisation. The insights I wanted to share with you at the end of this year is related to the update to the structure of the civilisation. I call myself the period of change the 'environmental improvement'.

Here are the highlights, which is my hypothesis.

  • The planetary black magic has been weakened
  • The mind fog with the black magic is now relatively clear
  • Some mind structure is gradually updating with the change
  • The rulers and their structure are now changing
  • The ruling structure includes ETBs and human reps
  • The human reps mainly consist of the Emperor and the royal families
  • The Emperor seems to be related to a tribe from the Pleiades
  • The tribe may be related to the dragon species
  • The hidden alliance between 2 parties is probably over now
  • But the platform of our collective/genetic mind still has problems
  • The platform may also be related to a tribe from Sirius and other star systems
  • These problems are superficially related to our human ancestors
  • Some human devices are powered and operated by other species
  • The platform and the devices are like metaverses that humanity is developing
  • That's why there are many species on and in this planet, even though we have almost the same device

I understand that you may feel very strange with the above hypothesis, but I want to be honest with you about what and how I have been feeling lately. And this intuition comes not only from my gut and practical experience, but also from the information related to human history, news, books and blog posts.

Most of the points above started with my intuition and experimentation with alchemy and magic, i.e. mind and consciousness technology, but some of them have been verified with information from others. If you have experience with alchemy and magic, I think you would understand what I'm trying to say. I'm saying that intuition and experience come first, and then logic and theory come second.

Since 2016, I've been deeply involved in my field research to feel and get the environmental information from the Sinto shrines and spiritual traditions in Japan, and I've gradually come to realise that there are at least 2 species that have ruled this world for thousands of years. One is a kind of humanoid and another is not humanoid and they are different from the ancient deities called Anunnaki. I felt that they were more like Igigi, the group that oversaw this planet.

In the spiritual industry, most books and 'spiritual leaders' have taught mostly about Anunnaki and Reptilians, as well as Lemurians and Atlanteans. But that's quite different from my practical research. There were more species in and on this planet, whether they used human devices or not. Some species worked behind the scenes and our ancestors have encoded the information as a form of tradition and architecture. The same can be seen in the French tradition, as Fulcanelli wrote in the book 'Le Mystère des Cathédrales'.

To be honest, being born and living in Japan was super hard for me. This is because it's full of black magic and hidden systems. The entities that have already left their human devices are still clinging to their emotional attachments, as are their descendants. This situation can be recognised and understood through the invisible tradition and strict rules - the culture. I think your country and your culture are relatively similar because of our genetic mind. But the strangest thing here is the mixture of black magic, a magical foundation comes from the Anunnaki, but some of it is overridden or replaced by other technology from (perhaps) the Pleiades and Dragon species.

This is why I used to say that there are some species from the Pleiades and Sirius that are deeply related to Kototama technology and current civilisation. I think I'm beginning to understand what I felt before. And I've also understood why I felt uncomfortable with the spiritual industry that has praised them without verification. The industry has also taught that the Pleiades are the spiritual centre of this galaxy, but my feeling was quite different. I think that this kind of information was part of counter-intelligence or propaganda.

But recently I felt that something had finally changed. The change was very subtle, but I felt strongly that some of the black magic was now disappearing as the planetary system changed behind the scenes. This also means that I felt something had changed with the alliance between the Emperor and the hidden rulers. This was pure intuition, but I've found a blog post that might say the same thing from a different perspective.

You may already know that this world is not the world as we see it. Behind every human device, there is an entity that powers and drives the human device, working with the environment and the genetic mind. This means that you and I can be different species and come from different star systems. It also means that we are not alone in this galaxy. The world and the multiverses are gradually showing us what they look like.

From now on, I think that we will discover and work on the genetic mind as an important infrastructure to improve the planetary system and our minds. Some authors seem to be beginning to recognise the existence of the genetic mind as the basis of the collective scenario that is this universe, as I wrote in my first book, 'The Secret Portal of Alchemy'.