New AI Architecture for Human Evolution

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 11 September 2023

The cookie-cutter civilisation with current AI is designed to monitor, manage and manipulate humanity. To move forward, we need to develop a different AI architecture.

Since 2020, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, I've been thinking about how we can evolve with AI. On the other hand, I already knew that with current AI alone, humanity won't be able to expand its collective consciousness.

Because the technology is designed to monitor, manage and manipulate humanity as a whole.

Most entrepreneurs and self-proclaimed success people have always said that AI will 'dramatically' change our lives and that we can coexist and co-create with AI.

After the Large Language Model (LLM) became a commodity very quickly, people started to believe that AI could do everything for them - but that's absolutely an illusion.

When I look at the tech industry, I have to say what a puppet world we reside in, and how easy it is to manage and manipulate people. Many startups are now launching '99% is the same' products using AI on a weekly basis.

You may already notice that AI is creating a 'cookie-cutter' civilisation if you use some AI to generate or correct your writing. Even if you train your AI model with your characteristics, it won't make much difference. On several levels, the results look the same.

I think this situation clearly illustrates the end of the status quo civilisation. I feel that every civilisation that has died out has a reason, and that reason is deeply connected to the death of our collective consciousness. The current civilisation is at the peak of the lowest level of consciousness.

No matter how hard we try to maintain the status quo, it will definitely break down into particles. My prediction is that as a result we will retain 20% of its essence for the next civilisation and 80% will be dispersed. Most people don't know this, but it's a very important point to keep in mind.

When it comes to human evolution with technology, cookie-cutter things don't give you a clue as to how to move forward. Statistics and probabilities actually work in some areas, but they can't be applied to other areas.

To expand our collective consciousness with AI, I think we need to find a new way to design and develop a new AI architecture based on our mind system and consciousness. It will actually help us discover our mental structure and complex mind systems. It will eventually lead us to a significant discovery of the human soul or astral/etheric components.

But this approach also has some risks. If we were to work with the same mindset as the status quo, it would be used exclusively by the human reps, elite or other species. I can honestly say that our consciousness and maturity are key success factors for sovereignty and freedom.

The current civilisation is dying and the migration of civilisation is what we have to pay as our sacrifice of ignorance and indifference.

P.S. This topic will be posted on my research blog with some technical explanations.