Miracles Happening All Around You

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 4 February 2024

If you're always looking for miracles, this insight is for you. Generally, miracles shouldn't happen because of systems, but as your consciousness expands, you will be able to see things you've never seen before.

Today, I want to share with you how our collective consciousness is expanding. As some planetary black magic gradually fades, both the individuated and collective consciousness are becoming aware of things we've never seen before.

The important thing to know is that our collective consciousness includes or is deeply engaged with this planet and other species, such as birds and plants. So as your consciousness begins to expand, the animals and plants around you are also affected and resonate with your vibes.

In this website, I've shared with you some interesting miracles of how I communicate with birds and insects. They somehow understand what I'm trying to say. This communication is not the same as what we normally use, but it's very useful in the sense that you're trying to understand what's going on around you and in this world.

It's more like a psychic communication.

Yesterday, I was communicating with a black crow and I asked him, "You're a leader in this area, so please take care of others, thank you!" and then he clearly expressed his emotion in response to my message. He shook his head and his body, and then looked straight into my eyes with excitement.

He seemed to understand what I was saying.

About 10 minutes later I unconsciously looked outside my window and I saw him trying to protect a flock of ducks from a cat. He was actually intervening non-violently, letting the ducks know that the danger was right there. As a result of his intelligent efforts, the ducks were safe and able to continue their exploration.

My heart was filled with bliss when I saw the situation.

I was extremely happy because I had seen how the planetary consciousness was evolving in a very practical way. At the same time, I thought I could understand how our creators or ancient ancestors, the so-called seeders, feel when they see what we've done in an evolutionary process. This also means that I felt how they feel when we fight each other and destroy this planet, including animals and plants.

This story gives us another insight.

Since yesterday, the connection between the birds and myself has become stronger and stronger. I'm beginning to understand clearly what they're trying to tell me. They're very friendly and caring, not only for themselves but for me too.

After this wonderful experience, I've realised how much they care for others and always try to communicate with me. They always tell me when it's going to rain, and they also worry about me when I wake up later than usual. They regularly say "hello" or "good night" every day by showing themselves or making certain sounds.

When the planetary system - the universe operating on this planet - needs to send us an important message, the black crows will call together to let people know something important. When the admin of the system wants to say something to me, some black crows or pigeons or other birds come to me and say something without words.

This is a wonderful miracle that people have forgotten and missed for centuries. When you care for them with all your heart, they really care for you. That's the miracle you're always looking for. It's called love.

Love is a fundamental technology for projecting and reflecting into a whole integrated system.