Magical Power vs. Spiritual Power

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 7 September 2023

We tend to judge the magical power and the astral entities as evil and dark, and the spiritual power and the etheric entities as good and light. But we can see things differently.

You may be familiar with the terms 'magical power' and 'spiritual power' if you read books and watch anime about spirituality and magic. But a simple question arises - what's the difference?

You could say that the magical power is related to the astral realm and the spiritual power is related to the etheric realm. And you could also say that the magical power belongs to devils and the spiritual power belongs to gods and angels.

I think you're right in a way. But this idea comes from the belief in good and bad, right and wrong. More specifically, it's based on the belief that the astral entities are bad, and the etheric entities are good. This dichotomous misconception can be discarded here, but something interesting still remains.

Magical power seems to be related to electromagnetic power. It's said that the power comes from emotional feedback loops. This means that the false belief has denied the power of emotions and has judged our emotions as evil.

This kind of belief, related to superior and inferior, has created so many prejudices and stereotypes as seen in gender and social structure, especially hierarchy.

When it comes to spiritual power, it's said to be associated with a higher mind or mental things. It's also often strongly associated with light and higher dimensions, but the reality is that the etheric realm and entities don't mean anything good or benevolent.

I understand that this good and evil thing has been installed in our minds since ancient times as the structure of the world, but we can have a different way of seeing the world.

For example, we can use gender polarity simply as an electromagnetic force, without adding unnecessary meanings to it. We can also use both magical and spiritual power as part of the whole system.

If there's no such thing as superior and inferior, we can use everything as a whole.