Learning From Astral Entities

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 7 August 2023

Do you believe in the supernatural? Last night I was attacked by supernatural entities. What can we learn about the truth from this experience?

Last night, before I went to sleep, I was attacked by a very weird creature in a very strange way. There were actually several entities around me, but one jumped on my neck and then licked and swallowed something while screaming.

It was a very disgusting feeling and was like a vampire sucking human blood. This small creature, the size of a cat or a puppy, was not an animal species, but it smells like a human-like intelligent species. It's more like some kind of ancestor or dead people.

After waking up in the morning, I was aware that something was wrong with my throat and I felt a little pain, like a cold with a fever. I still don't know what happened last night, but the supernatural experience has given me an interesting idea.

I know it sounds very strange to you, but I'm often attacked by something in my sleep.

And this kind of assault doesn't happen in a physical realm, so I always forget about it when I'm awake. But these experiences are very tangible, especially touch, smell and sight. As for sound, it's a kind of silent but loud experience. It's hard to explain.

Think about the little vampire, it's a kind of energy vampire. It didn't suck my physical blood, it took something else from the surface of my body. I felt something being taken by licking and swallowing. I think it's vital energy.

But why do they take vital energy from others? Why don't they get it from the environment around them? And why do they think it's OK to suck and take from others?

Interestingly, they behave in exactly the same way as humans do.

If you look around the world, especially the world of business, CEOs and managers are always sucking and taking from others. They sometimes openly declare without hesitation that they are exploiting others. I was once told the same thing by CEOs of small companies.

As well as the past me, we always suck and take from other species like cows, pigs and chickens.

In my opinion, there is an enormous amount of zombie vampires on earth. They are controlled, manipulated and programmed to suck and take from each other in the deception systems.

The voices from outside are never heard by them, the messages from others are never delivered to them, and the truth is always ignored by them. That's because of programming and the nested virtualisation of deception.

To be honest, truth is never considered valuable. Illusion and deception are always valuable to them and to the world of commerce. This is the truth of what's happening in this world, more precisely, on the surface of Terra Earth.

Deception is deception. Illusion is illusion. The astral entities and the kingdom are the mirror of what we think and do. For all the things are part of the deception systems.

That's why I have to hack, dismantle and disperse the deception systems.