Identify the Root Cause With Your Body

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 31 August 2023

To identify the root cause of any symptom, using your body as an analogy is a really good approach. Because your body is built with advanced technologies.

It's going to be a breakthrough to think about everything in systems when you have problems in business, relationships or everyday life.

Today's topic will not only help you identify the root cause of your pain or suffering, but will also help you identify the root causes of problems in the world, while at the same time realising how much the vast majority of people love delusion and illusion.

Last Tuesday I noticed that my right ankle was injured after working out in the morning. I always do HIIT 3 days a week so soreness is common but this time I felt something different.

The soreness was in the right ankle, so at first I thought I was doing too many high knees and jumping jacks. But as I assessed my body with some body stretches, compound and energy exercises, I realised that the cause of the pain was related to different areas.

The intermediate problems were identified in my right hip flexor and hamstring muscles. And it was also related to my lower back, especially the right side. In most cases, superficial or intermediate problems in my body are more likely to occur on my right side.

Every nerve, muscle and bone, as well as etheric and astral energy, are interconnected. So when you feel some pain in your body, it's better to assess the whole system and identify at least the intermediate problems for the symptom. This assessment also includes what, when and how often you eat and drink.

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It's a bit like checking your smartphone when a particular app glitches, because the problem could be related to the Wi-Fi connection, the operating system, or the cloud environment.

When it comes to identifying the root cause, it gets a bit trickier.

In my case, the root cause is not muscle pain or stiffness. It's mainly to do with the astral/emotional energy and the genetic/collective mind. In short, the root cause in my case is related to the holographic systems.

Because of this root cause, sometimes superficial problems and symptoms pop up in a tangible realm. So the problems and symptoms we perceive in everyday life are just results or reflections. What the so-called Draconians and Reptilians did to humanity, humanity is doing the same thing to the animals and to Terra.

It's also similar to building a simple app by importing modules and running the app with glitches. The root causes are the modules you imported and your implementation, but you didn't know it before you were confronted with the glitches in the world of linear space-time.

This awareness makes you and me aware of how we always see only the surface of things. We're too focused only on labels, boxes, wrapping paper, decorations and brand names. These things are just metadata and very superficial information that don't have any essence.

In the spiritual and self-development industry in Japan, there're tons of books about '90% of problems can be solved with this single approach', and these authors are more likely to be bestselling authors. I have to say that's extreme hype or deception, and I'm always surprised how the vast majority of people love this kind of 'easy-to-consume' deception.

At least in Japan, money comes in and goes into delusion, illusion and deception. In most cases - I'd say 90% lol - resources and assets don't come into the world of truthfulness. The same goes for our true sovereignty and freedom.

This superficial broader symptom gives us a simple truth - since money and its system is deception, the deceptive energy likes deceptive illusion and delusion, so the energy always flows into these kinds of businesses and people. I have to say that's the fundamental truth, if the 'law of vibrations' is true.

In any case, if you assess the whole system as best you can and try to identify the root cause of what's happening now, the root cause and the essence under water will slowly but surely emerge and tell you the important truth.

Both thinking in systems and sensing from the heart are very helpful. More importantly, the following truth gives you incredible power of claircognizance.

Your mind is a module, so that a mindset is a set of modules. Your consciousness, as part of the collective consciousness, is not separate and it works like software to make a mind or a mindset move. It also interacts with the environment around you.

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The truth is that there're no such boundaries - software, middleware and hardware. We used to create mind technology to make things possible. The heart-sensing network is the same. So there's no such thing as superior or inferior between your heart and your mind.

If you look at things in systems, as part of the vast network with countless nodes, you'll select, implement and operate the appropriate mind modules as part of systems to have the experience you prefer.

But the real problem is that there're tons of entities and techniques that prevent you from doing that. But if you fight them or try to kill them, it won't make any difference. Because, just like you and me, they're not just made of tangible matter.

Why a lot of invisible species tell us to raise our vibes is not for the ascension of those who are in the state of positive and bliss junkies, it's to exclude and isolate things and entities from certain areas that are always holding you back. Some part of our genetic mind is also the same.

And it's not a perfect solution. It's relatively effective in coping with aggressive interference, but it doesn't work the way most bliss junkies thought it would. For instance, the ancient deities, the Anunnaki people, are inter-dimensional entities and they mostly live in higher vibes and bandwidths than ours.

Raising your vibes isn't always a powerful solution, but increasing the density of information you deal with gives you more awareness. Because the amount of information you're dealing with right now is incredibly increased. So you're more likely to come up with new ideas and effective solutions than you were before.

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The same is true for people on earth. If they continue to ignore the basic principles - coexistence and co-creation in sovereignty and freedom - they must be isolated and excluded from the new era and the new civilisation. In this particular and fundamental case, I fully agree with the strategies and operations that are currently taking place in the world.

In any case, it's necessary to find a completely new way of creating things. It may be sound technology, it may be mind technology, and it may be etheric technology - but the core technology is always related to consciousness.