How to Think Differently

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 19 August 2023

To think differently, let's take a completely different approach from the majority of people. While they buy a new desk and a comfortable chair to work from home, you can cut back on comfort.

When I started working from home in April 2003, I didn't have the budget to buy a comfortable desk and chair. Because I bought a PowerMac G4 and a Windows workstation and set up an in-house Linux server. So I bought a second-hand meeting table and old chair that had been used by a company I didn't know.

Recently, working from home has become very common. Like gamers, people want to invest in a comfortable environment. They are more likely to buy a nice chair that allows them to work longer without pain.

While people are buying new chairs, I let go of my old desk and chair, and bought a very cheap folding table and a very small chair with no backrest.

There're several reasons why I've sacrificed comfort. The first is that I want to reduce my screen time. After a lot of hard work and experimentation, my productivity has increased since 2015, so I felt it was time to try something new. I wanted more time to observe the world, including my clients and their situations, and I wanted to think without screens.

The second reason is that I wanted to move the desk and chair according to my instincts. Sometimes my creativity thrives when I work towards the east window. Other times it feels comfortable to work towards the south window. And I often think like a meditator sitting on the floor.

In short, I wanted to work by moving around the room.

As a result, I'm now able to focus strongly on finishing a certain task in a very short time. This means that I can use time more effectively and also have more time to think and read the book of nature.

I've learnt to think differently from this experience. You don't necessarily have to buy new things even if other people do. You don't necessarily have to go where the majority of people go without thinking.

Most people say that going with the flow means going in the same direction as other people, but they don't think about WHAT the flow they should be.

Going with YOUR flow is the best approach and this is exactly what you think differently from others.