How to Prevent and Dismantle Mind Control With Your Heart and Mind

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 15 October 2023

What does it really mean to open your heart and mind? What's the difference between what the spiritual industry has taught and the hidden reality? It's possible to explain it in the language of business and life.

If it feels so strange to use the terminology of the spiritual industry to explain how you get and use information in your daily life, it's better to find other explanations. Yes, you don't necessarily need to understand the heart and mind relationships with the chakra system or the etheric-astral mechanism.

If I were to explain it to you, I would choose 2 things - the cooking analogy and the DIKW pyramid. DIKW stands for Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom. Knowledge also includes insights.

  • The heart-mind system is like a funnel
  • Heart is like a 360° sensor or antenna
  • Mind is a kind of logic or template
  • Fixed mindset uses a fixed scenario
  • Data is ingredients
  • Information is ingredients you choose
  • Knowledge is a recipe from you and others
  • Insight is a dish you cook
  • Wisdom is your recipe for the dish
  • Recipe is a mental model or magic formula
  • There's no one-size-fits-all recipe

In the spiritual industry, people often say that you need to open your heart or activate your heart chakra to feel the incoming messages and energy. They quite often say that people use their mind too much to judge things. In fact, ironically, they judge that the heart is good and the mind is bad.

In the world of commerce, it's said that a business person should open their mind so that they don't miss new things or important information. This means being mindful of how you get and evaluate information with your current mindset - a framework of thoughts and feelings.

If we always use a fixed mindset and a single mental model when listening to what other people are saying, we're more likely to dismiss new information and miss important signals. Which means we miss out on insights.

Why we're more likely to fail at getting insights is based on how we listen to what others are saying. When we use a fixed mindset to think we're listening to, we drop most of the incoming information before evaluating it.

This approach is recognised as 'they only listen to what they want' or 'they always think what they want to say while others are talking' or 'they always misunderstand and distort the information'.

The solution in this case is to activate your heart. And your heart works as receiving plenty of data without filtering them.

This functionality is used in the data layer of the DIKW pyramid (funnel).

DIKW Pyramid

(Image: Wikipedia)

To make it simple, imagine that you're in a supermarket full of veggies. At this point you don't necessarily judge or evaluate which veggies are good or bad. I don't think you're judging zucchinis as light workers and avocados as the dark side.

You just look around and see what veggies are there. But if you always use a fixed mindset and an outdated mental model, you go straight to zucchinis without knowing what veggies are there. Because you firmly believe that zucchinis are light workers, and your belief is focused only on positive and higher vibrations.

So you always miss important signals - negative feedback. This is what always happens in the spiritual industry and in the world of commerce. This situation is a consequence of mind control and mass manipulation.

The simple solution is to just feel what are there. In other words, you and I can try to FEEL what others are actually saying and you will literally feel the difference when you put this into action.

This is one of the most effective ways of getting hidden insights in the world. Interestingly, this openness is also useful in preventing and dismantling brainwashing and mind control.

As I explained in my research blog, the mind firewall is a kind of fixed mind, and it's not good at blocking subconscious attacks. So this paradox approach works to detect the hidden attack before you judge it.

The subconscious is related to what is called your astral energy or simply your soul. And this energy is related to feedback loops and positioning in terms of strategy, your formation is always under covert attack without you knowing it. Because the attackers are constantly sending out malicious packets and taking a detour around your fixed mindset.

This happens most often between the information and knowledge layers. And this area is where your subconscious mind and the genetic mind are actively working together. So it feels like a covert operation. But once you understand it, this kind of hidden attack can be detected with your open mind.

Data Information Knowledge Insight Wisdom Conspiracy Theory

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And one more thing we need to to know is a mechanism. It's how our mind works.

Two weeks ago, a consultant asked me for advice on how to deliver value to their client. As I worked with them, I noticed one thing - they were collecting tons of data, but they weren't shaping and using the data for their client. It's like a person buying a lot of veggies, but never cooks.

The most electrifying man in the sports entertainment used to say - if you smell what the rock is cooking!

The same applies to your daily life and how you get and use information and energy. In fact, this cooking analogy is literally the same in terms of the art and science of delivering value to your client. Data and information must be selected and customised according to the situation.

In this case, what they need to do is to think and act according to the structured data, which is exactly the information architecture that collects, analyses, customises and uses the data as insights for their client.

This can be achieved by using the mind as a component to build up a new mindset (insightful logic) and also using them as a whole system for wisdom. System integration is done by your consciousness, not spirit.

In other words, your consciousness has incredible power and potential to create realities. So the rulers and their human reps have kept it secret from you and kept you from the insights, the hidden truth.

And that is why the current civilisation is full of dysfunctional systems - the deception systems. So the main strategy is openness and this openness can be achieved by being mindful of how you get and use information and energy in your daily life. This approach is always part of practical and effective tactics.

In short, open your heart and your mind.

I think that you've come to realise the huge difference between what the spiritual industry has taught you and how it really works. This is the main reason why you shouldn't miss signals by ignoring negative feedback and focusing only on the positive.

And It's also a secret way that a very few determined alchemists have chosen to create a new order out of the chaos.