How to Get and Deliver Real Insights

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 9 October 2023

If you want to find the hidden truth, where you go matters. If you want to get your message to reach the right audience, where you live matters too.

How do you usually get insights? YouTube videos or free newsletters? Subscribe to some paid services?

In this insight, I'm going to get into why I removed my YouTube channels that shared what I've learned through decades of research and development. And it's also related to why I don't think that too much expensive education and too much consumable digital content make a difference.

Here are the reasons.

  • Platform bias in digital and economy
  • Non-effective mind gratification
  • Deluded approach to understanding
  • Inappropriate paywall

Platform Bias in Digital and Economy

This is so crucial when it comes to delivering sensitive, complex and important information. As you know, our cognitive biases have always prevented us from seeing things clearly and deeply. Especially when it comes to investigating the hidden truth.

Our approach is always like:

  • Too deductive or too inductive
  • Think too much inside the box
  • Too focused on one point
  • Easily drowned in the mainstream

And the platform biases are:

  • Easily guided by views and likes
  • Always distracted by platform features
  • An original purpose is easily distorted
  • Money and fame are used as measures

In both digital and economic platform, we tend to believe that highly engaged content and businesses are right or should be trusted. But the truth, in the context of hidden insights, is quite different.

The strategy in deception systems is now evolving. Even if the people in the back room can't modify the content itself, they can use systems to bypass and distort the truth.

That's why I think that the information highway without censorship systems doesn't work the way the self-proclaimed starseeds and highly ascended people in the spiritual industry have taught. It's old-fashioned and they think more like a typical marketer with touchpoints and funnels.

But the spiritual and consciousness hacking doesn't work that way.

Non-effective Mind Gratification

One of the most critical problems is to passively satisfying the addictive mind with content created by others. With this approach, your mind is always trained to look outside for the answers and knowledge without thinking and taking action.

This instant reward system acts like a drug injection. As a result, your mind is always looking for something that will give you instant gratification. This takes the form of digital content, books, spiritual teachings and sometimes meditative experiences or channeling sessions.

This problem makes you as follows:

  • Zombie state without thinking and feeling
  • Easily programmed without experience
  • Avoid taking action to get things done
  • Feel satisfied with the wrong ingredients

Speaking of which, the most effective way for the rulers, is for the majority of people to go with the mainstream without thinking. To make this possible, they always make you hungry and thirsty for truth and knowledge. But the point is that your mind won't really be satisfied without nutritious information.

It's a well thought out design to control and manipulate people in deliberately dysfunctional systems.

Alchemist in his lab

Deluded Approach to Understanding

What I've got from many experiments and evaluations in business, technology and spirituality is pseudo-understanding. People in the popular platform and media tend to skim off the surface of information.

But the reality is, unfortunately, that they don't understand anything. That's why they keep asking the same question. That's why they parrot the same thing for years. That's why authors churn out tons of fast-food books every month.

Some of the reasons I've observed:

  • They scan and skim off information
  • They want an immediate answer and solution
  • They multitask everything
  • They skip and fast-forward video content

In business and technology, this approach significantly reduces not only your skills, but also your efficiency and effectiveness. If you really want to manage and reduce effort and workload, you're better off first acquiring skills and spending time and effort understanding how it works.

Then, you can hack the system.

The same goes for gaining insight. Here are the serious problems in the spiritual industry:

  • Very limited sources to evaluate
  • Not applying one concept to different areas or vice versa
  • Deceive scientific paradoxes and logical inconsistencies
  • Lack of observation and examination

In any case, things don't happen overnight. It took me 5-6 years to be able to communicate telepathically with animals and insects in energy and mind. Shamans, magicians and alchemists really understand this.

It takes a skill and patience in the celestial agriculture if you want to handle etheric energy with your mind and consciousness.

Inappropriate Paywall

To be honest, a paywall is fundamentally inappropriate. But it works in some areas to prevent fake information, scams, and misleading in the sense that you're on the popular platform and social media.

When it comes to information businesses, coaching and consulting services, the expensive paywall is very popular with a small business owners. The same thing goes for the spiritual and self-help industries.

The problem is, who is your audience?

If you want to satisfy the minds of middle-aged or older men who don't want to take action, the expensive paywall might work. It creates VIP status and exclusivity - the status of 'I've been chosen'.

But if you really want to deliver your message and content to the potential people who have the power to make a difference and challenge the status quo, this approach may not work. Having said that, it's also not easy to find the right audience on the popular platform and social media. Because it's too mainstream and too passive to receive the essential information.

Here's what I think.

  • Open source information without a paywall
  • News and content without marketing
  • Money is not used for a wall, but received as a resource
  • Manage the purpose and mission constantly

If money and fame are your primary focus on the platform and social media, it won't work as expected. But if you constantly manage your purpose and mission in an appropriate way with appropriate tools, it will make a difference.

Let's go back to the first question. How and where do you usually get real insights?