How to Communicate With Insect Species

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 23 September 2023

You don't need your pesticide anymore. Just as you throw away your guns, you drop the household weapon. You finally get along with other species, like a black stink bug in your room.

Today, I want to share with you how to communicate effectively with insects. With this skill, you won't need to use pesticides in your room anymore. You'll be their friend, just as you are the friend of people from Andromeda or Arcturus.

A few minutes earlier, a black stink bug was walking on the ceiling of the lounge. And I said to him, "If you want to go out, you can stay by the window," and a few seconds later he flew from the ceiling to the window. So I opened the window and he crawled out of my room.

bug going out

The same thing happened 6 or 7 times in my room. With these little experiments I've finally found the way to communicate effectively with them. It's a series of tasks, but you don't need any tools or costs.

Here are the things.

  1. Always say hello to them when you meet them
  2. Send good and gentle vibes when you speak to them
  3. Create an etheric path to help them move
  4. Leave it to them and accept their pace
  5. Treat them as yourself or as part of your body

The point is #1 and #5, which are related to your daily habits. For #3 you need some skills to create an invisible path for them to navigate with the power of imagination and a little knowledge of electromagnetic energy. But it's not difficult because you're always imagining and thinking something.

The most important thing for all species in communication is #5, the principle of 'I am that we are'. This principle comes from the natural specification of consciousness and that specification is that we can't be separate from each other. Only our minds can be broken down into small pieces like the human devices you and I use, as well as the black stink bugs.

This can be understood by wrapping your consciousness like an etheric software around both yourself and a bug. This technique can also be applied to other species such as birds, dogs and cats as well as humans. Yes, you can call this integration 'love'.

Which way do you like? - Hate them as your enemy and kill them with pesticides, or get along with them as your friend?