How to Broaden Your Perception

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 8 August 2023

Everyone often says 'transcend time', but they are not transcending. The reason we're stuck in the linear world is our limited perception.

Last night I posted a new research article on my blog about the mind system of the human device. In the article I used 4 git diagrams to describe how we create collective realities and why we're all responsible for what happens in the world.

And the article explains how we use both concepts of linear space-time and beyond.

When it comes to time, more specifically space-time, we tend to analyse the past and predict the future in a very linear way. In the spiritual industry it's often said that the timeline has changed or shifted. But the truth is very different.

Yes, it does indeed depend on one's perspective, and this dependence is always used by the spiritual industry to justify or obscure what they have propagated. But we need to discard the outdated attitudes and notions as we're about to enter the new era of transparency and consciousness expansion, NOT ascension.

To use both concepts of space-time, which is exactly what consciousness expansion is, information technology on earth is very helpful. As information technology and its architecture is very similar to and a kind of genetic expression of the human mind, it can be used and hacked for expansion.

Specifically, object-oriented methodology and the git repository give you the power of expansion.

By using both incremental and object-oriented methods at the same time, you'll practically understand how space-time works in the galaxy.

For the git repository, it's a powerful alternative to the concept of timeline, past-present-future, and related dogmas and doctrines. The git repository is very much like the giant oak tree of creation in magic.

In any case, the new era challenges us to perceive everything as dynamic rather than static, objects in motion rather than 2D snapshots, interconnected systems rather than a single point of task.

For more details, please read the research article 'How to Reinvent the Genetic Mind'.