How to Be Creative and Act Differently

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 26 August 2023

Do you really want to be creative? Do you seriously want to think and act differently? If so, there's no place where you feel psychologically safe...

This week I've coded and published 2 stories in 'Cipher Literature' and my AI assistant crystal has automatically generated images and audio content. Have fun deciphering the hidden meanings.

Everyone seems to find it so hard to be creative. I'm reading a book on creativity and wellbeing now, there are lots of techniques and research on how to be more creative.

I don't think of myself as creative, but my Wealth and Talent Dynamics profile is Creator (Dynamo 72%, Braze 12%, Tempo 0%, Steel 16%), so allow me to share my opinion and personal experience.

When it comes to creativity, thought leaders and public figures (I don't like those words) have taught you HOW to think differently and HOW to work creatively. They prefer to use creative THINKING, art THINKING, and also THINKING in systems. But they have never talked about being creative and doing things differently.

I've always felt that this civilisation is too focused on labels, boxes and meta-descriptions. This means that the social environment always cares about packaging and decoration, but doesn't care about the essence.

I think it's better for us to do art or artistic things if we want to work creatively. Thought leaders and public figures always talk about indirect approaches, focusing on HOW TO THINK.

Evolution or innovation in creativity

Actually, it's very important to see things in systems rather than just focusing on symptoms, but indirect solutions are less likely to solve problems. Because these solutions don't get to the root causes.

If you want to think differently, you can simply stop thinking like others. You can stop parroting what everyone else is saying. You can stop doing what everyone else is doing. You can stop competing with other companies by doing something completely different.

If you want to be creative, you can stop doing what you always do. It's better for you to reduce or give up what you currently have, even if it works for others. Avoiding multitasking is a good place to start. Uninstalling social media apps from your phone is also an effective approach.

For most people, creativity means standing out from the crowd or coming up with something new that no one has thought of before. The concept of creativity is closely associated with originality, individuality and imagination. But people are always doing the same thing, not different.

To be honest, the vast majority of people don't really want to be creative. Humans on earth tend to say one thing and do another. Always double or triple standards. So most people don't feel the need to be creative. That's the fundamental truth.

They just want to say "I'm doing creative things like an artist!" or "I'm special because I'm a creator!" without any effort. It's very imaginative, but unfortunately, they're often used as human ATMs by others, like thought leaders and public figures.

If you want to be more creative, to think and act differently, taking back your individuality and responsibility is an essential approach. I think it's very hard to be creative and act differently because you're completely different from the vast majority of people and you'll be ignored and attacked by 99%.

But this existence and this position will give you a completely different view.

I think the key is always to STOP doing the things that others are doing. Or giving up what you currently have. But the root cause of what has got you into trouble is this civilisation and its business rules. So if you really want to be creative, there's no such thing as 'psychological safety' out there. You and I have to create the place where we feel psychologically safe.