How Genes Affect Our Culture and History

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 29 August 2023

Regardless of gender, culture and history, whether we have the same or similar figures, we're all different. And the 'one-size-fits-all' civilisation has created so many problems...

Today's topic is genetic inheritance and differences between species. This is often misunderstood as prejudice and discrimination, but it's not. It's just a biological and cultural difference.

More importantly, it may be a key to solving the world's senseless conflicts.

This year I've noticed that my head is bigger than it used to be. I know it sounds very strange to you, but the back of my head on the left side is a bit bigger than it used to be :D

When I was a child, about 6 years old, my head was relatively bigger than other children. My head was too big to fit into the baseball caps other kids wore.

This was one of my complexes in my youth, and others often made fun of me because my head was too big. Sometimes they called me 'alien'.

Yes, my head is too big to carry on and my mouth is too small to bite.

Conspiracy theory - visual art

From 2015 to 2022 I had immersed myself deeper into the spiritual and self-development industries. I was also deeply involved in the ancient traditions of Egypt, Kabbalah, Yoga, Shinto, Magic and Alchemy.

And since 2015, through observations, inspirations and many lucid dreams, I've gradually understood genetic inheritance, inclinations of species and cultural differences.

And I've finally found myself that there're many species on earth in terms of genes, even though we seem to have the same or similar figures - the human body.

In other words, we're very similar in the physical realm, but very different in other realms. I've understood this from my practical experience.

When I lived in Vietnam, I wondered why I was so different from the locals. We look like almost the same, but we're completely different. The same thing happened when I worked in India.

Travelling by bus through the mountains from Luang Prabang to Vientiane in Laos, I realised that our genes are different in terms of species, both visible and invisible, as well as the cultural history and environment.

Again, these are not prejudices and discriminations like superior and inferior. These are purely species and cultural differences. The point is that we have the same or similar devices, but we have different DNAs.

Since 2013, after leaving Japan, I had some opportunities to look at Japanese people and Japanese culture from the outside.

These opportunities gave me an objective perspective with logical, emotional and physical distance and it also gave me an important thing about why I've been through difficult situations with Japanese and in Japan.

Emotional distance - visual art

In terms of culture, I think that Japan is firmly built with the genetic inheritance of both Anunnaki and Igigi. This genetic influence can be seen everywhere, especially in the Shinto culture and its traditions.

These genetic characteristics have been cultivated in the collective/genetic mind, so that the strict and forcible rules of the ancestors are always on our shoulders. It has been choking me under water.

In other words, these logical and physical regions are filled with the intentions of the rulers and their operational organisation, which consists of the so-called Doraco and Reptile species.

Some people say that they're the descendants of dragons and serpents (龍蛇族), and they said it very confidently and honourably when I heard it directly from them, so their bloodlines have a strong influence on the culture.

Some writers and researchers say that the Japanese genetically include Hittites and Scythians, people from Egypt and Sumer.

And they also say that some of them are very strong in vitality and survival, they also have a strong ability of fertility, and they highly value their bloodlines and DNAs.

In terms of genes and species, I think that the descendants of dragons and serpents might be mostly in the northern and eastern areas, and the western area (Kansai).

But I also think that these bloodlines have already permeated all over the world like the DNA of Anunnaki. More or less, we're all on the globe influenced by these genes through the genetic mind.

But one thing I've seen is that these bloodlines are more likely to take and consume the energy of others to survive or thrive. This can be seen everywhere in everyday life, in business and in personal relationships.

In most cases they do this unconsciously, but to someone like me, who is not influenced by these genetic settings, it looks like energy vampires and their genetic settings favour violence and hierarchy.

Brutal principles - visual art

This morning I finally understood, through a lucid dream explanation, that the hardships in my life are deeply related to the difference between species and genes, but our civilisation manages us as the same species for efficiency.

This homogeneous 'one-size-fits-all' approach has created so many problems in the world.

I also didn't feel that I belonged to where I lived and who I lived with since my childhood. I felt that my family was completely different from me. I have their blood and genes, but something is completely different. Compared to my little brothers, my strange feeling became much stronger.

I think that this happens because our invisible DNA might be different. This shows that we're not only physical beings, but also spiritual beings. In other words, we have at least 2 kinds of genes - for the human device and for the actor who uses the device.

In conclusion, to solve the world's problems, we must understand and take care of cultural differences and genetic inclinations. Genetic research and associated technologies must be used for these things, NOT to control and manipulate people, NOT to develop super-humans.

In any case, a homogeneous 'one-size-fits-all' approach won't make any difference.