How Do You Manage People and the Environment?

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 25 August 2023

If you were the ruler of this world, how would you manage the people on earth? What strategies would you plan and carry out? What risks would you take? And how would you do dismantle and disperse the strategies?

This morning, I felt very sick for the first time since becoming a vegan, except for COVID. I haven't been to the hospital since 2016, except for dental work/care. But this morning I was completely damaged by one thing.

The thing is pesticide. This morning I was cleaning my room and all the windows were open. When I had finished, I noticed that a very loud machine noise suddenly appeared next to the flat. It was a drone-like pesticide helicopter.

There's a large rice field outside my room. So a farmer started spraying pesticide by using this helicopter with a remote control. In the end, my room was filled with strong chemical smell of pesticide and I had to lie down for a few hours to recover.

I don't blame the farmer, because they are doing their job as part of a huge agricultural system. It's not pleasant, but we use this huge system to live. We're all responsible for what happens.

And this experience has given me a pinch of creativity to think this world from a different angle.

If you were one of the rulers, how would you manage people and the environment? What would you do to protect and improve the platform you designed and created? What strategies would you use to get things done?

These types of questions will subconsciously resonate with the same vibes, and that resonance will give you some ideas and inspirations that you've never thought of before. It's called 'alchemy of form'. It's a kind of mind technique that adds a new module to your thought patterns and it gives you more creativity.

On the other hand, if you always resonate with conspiracy theories and exposes of secret societies, that resonance will take you to a very different place - a maze and labyrinth of complex deceptions.

Without the typical dichotomous framework of good and evil, you can dive deep into the ocean of the collective mind and the state of our collective consciousness. And the partially interconnected state gives you a creative idea of how to solve problems.

Danchi in Tokyo

Let me share with you my inspiration and experience in this case.

I've always thought that high-rise condominiums like those in Southeast Asia and 'tawaman' in Japan are kind of decorated and prepared for the 'upper class slaves'. It's basically the same as the high-rise council flats and 'danchi' where I grew up. This is an effective tactic to confine slaves to a very limited area.

When I lived and travelled around Southeast Asia, I booked and stayed in many condominiums in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. And I had often visited 'tawaman' on business. Some of them were well equipped and I sometimes used the gym and pool in the morning.

It's relatively comfortable and it feels good to see the city from your room. But at the same time, I subconsciously understood that this can be a good way to prevent extra pollution and destruction in terms of environmental improvement and nature conservation.

If I were one of the rulers, I'd plan and propose to a secret council in a back room that we should prepare attractive things in the centre of each city and confine most of the world's population to the very limited area to protect nature.

And at the same time, the mining and oil industries will be dismantled and then agriculture should be maintained by machines like robots, IoT devices and AI. The zombie state beings will gradually and slowly migrate to the virtual world while living in the limited area.

As you know, this migration will take place simultaneously in the real and virtual world, as seen in the 'mining' business and the overcrowded area.

Climate manipulation including disasters will be used for migration and hidden advanced technologies such as electromagnetic energy and technology will also be used for 'energy basic income'. The basic income functions as a reward to satisfy the collective mind of the zombie state beings.

Then various bio-tech will be used and it will affect whether you consume other species. This is the same thing that the spiritual industry has been talking about a lot in the context of reptilians and dark alliances. Humanity is doing the same thing to animals and other species that the reptilians and greys have done to humans.

Eventually, the world's population will be reduced to 20% and by that time the rulers and their human reps will have found and owned the ideal genetic inheritance within the 20%. For them it's a rebalancing of their DNA portfolio.

Condo in Saigon

And there're 2 main problems for the strategies.

The first is rebound. It's not karma that religions and spiritual businesses talk too much about, it's the feedback loops of the galactic systems and the structure of the super-universe. They (and we) can't simulate and predict all the effects when making a decision, so there're innumerable risks involved.

But, I could see that in some ways they're taking these risky steps.

The second is after death management. If you reduce the population, but their human souls still remain in the deception systems. They need to be recycled based on their design, but it's relatively hard to do the same as before. Now the situation is changing. The rulers have already understood the situation, but the human reps may not.

In summary, I think that the strategies in the real and virtual world are partly ongoing and partly confusing. And I've felt that there're several forces using this chaotic situation to take control. So it's crucial to find leverage points to dismantle and disperse the strategies, while taking full advantage of the situation.

It's so crucial for us, and it means that we have to build a new civilisation ourselves, without waiting for saviours and messiahs, and without letting nature change on our behalf. The new era of transparency, sovereignty and freedom challenges us to do this.

If you're always like a positive junkie or a bliss junkie in the spiritual industry, it won't make any difference. So discarding the dichotomous frameworks is also crucial.

And another secret. This insight is partially deciphering the literature 'A Shocking Interview With a Resistance Leader' and the technical explanation can be read in the new blog post.