Hologram and Mathematics

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 16 July 2023

Whether it's a false universe or your imagination, regardless of its scale or concreteness, the mind system is developed with programming language, interpreter (encoder) and infrastructure.

To free yourself from the fixed mindset and the current dominant paradigm of 'homogeneous' civilisation, it gives you much inspiration through a deep understanding of what the base system is used for both mind system and civilisation.

The hologram is a kind of artefact that has been developed and projected using dynamic programming since ancient times. The programming language is based on the mathematics, especially the base system. For example, we usually use 10 base system with 2, 16, sometimes 60 base systems.

If you only think and perceive the world in 10 base system, it feels really small or it takes way too long to achieve anything. The same is true of the 2 base system, which is mostly used in digital computing, known as the binary system. The base system is a kind of boundary or problem-solving domain to derive order and tidiness from chaos. In short, it's just one of the models for understanding and using consciousness and energy effectively.

Let's take a quick look at how it works with multiple models.

To keep things simple, we will use a Python script in this case. The small code using the baseconvert module and its base function converts one base system to another, for example, 60 base system to 10.

If you calculate and understand the world using the 60 base system and you want to communicate with a person who lives in the 10 base system, an interpretation of the number 60 will be the number 360. In the same way, when you introduce yourself to the person, your name (lemur47) will be translated into the large number 2224570367047.

This simple and basic specification is also used for the entire system of deception. Because the deception systems consist of multiple domains, they use multiple models and base systems. Imagine that the core and universal system is based on the quantum cloud computing. Above this are nested layers of virtualisation using 60, 10, 2 base systems.

This analogy is not exact to explain the complex systems, but it's easy to understand why the deception systems and their holograms are not like what humanity thinks and perceives. In any case, the hologram systems and civilisations are only limited patterns of consciousness and energy with different models and base systems. It's not a true essence, but it uses parts of the true essence.

Models are the boundaries for the warding technique in control and manipulation. Base systems are the sampling technology with the mapping technique. The languages we use are the same.