Give Yourself Permission to Stop Surviving

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 16 September 2023

Why don't you leave the place where you feel insecure? This simple but powerful question gives you a new awareness.

Today I have a provocative message for you.

You can give yourself permission to stop surviving from a safe place. In other words, you can stop spending most of your time on social media looking for excitement, thrills and drama. Don't let the fear of missing out (FOMO) manipulate you into being a slave to the platform.

To be honest, I've felt very uncomfortable with the culture and tendencies of people on this planet. They like so much dramatic circumstances and they really love bloody situations and violence. Since my childhood I've hated this culture and these tendencies, quite honestly.

We live in a very strange environment as a whole. We're always put in survival mode, even when we're in a safe place like your home. This strange condition has created so many conflicts and dysfunctions in the social environment.

We've aggressively attacked someone from a safe place. We've enjoyed the situation where someone is publicly blamed and socially executed. Because you're safe enough and you're sitting very comfortably and having fun with others' hardships. Like the rulers and their human reps.

Social media is a public show of professional wrestling matches for the millions, and billions of enslaved and mind-controlled people.

But at the same time you've also felt insecure about whether you'll be next. You're afraid of being isolated and exposed to ignorance and criticism. You also feel insecure about expressing your true feelings and honest opinions, because people on social media easily explode their emotions and they really like to trip other people up.

So I have to say, "Why don't you leave the place where you're suffering?"

I've already deleted my Twitter account and I'm never going back. I already deleted my Facebook account before, and I created it again for a consulting project, but I don't use it anymore and I really want to delete it again. Because it's completely worthless to me.

And this morning, I uninstalled the Instagram app from my phone. I've never installed Threads. I already deleted my YouTube channels, even though some videos were still getting views. I use LinkedIn sometimes, but I don't care if my posts don't get enough engagement, because most business-oriented people don't understand what I'm really saying.

It's perfectly fine for me to be understood by you only here, to connect with you only here.

We don't just connect through digital technology, but we always connect through consciousness and the mind systems. This means that together we can develop a new technology for an alternative to social media and the outdated magical platform.

And this will happen when we stop relying too much on external devices. It always starts within you.

We've locked ourselves in a very small and limited box with the cryptic keys of delusion and deception. The collective vibes create strong boundaries that prevent us from sovereignty and freedom. This tendency is very strong in Japan because of the cultural DNA, but I think your environment is more or less the same.

But here's the truth. You can give yourself permission to just leave it all behind.

I can honestly tell you that even if you don't know what's going on in the digital world and social media, you'll be fine. Because if you were a consultant and you listened as deeply as you could to what your client was saying, you would be able to find a breakthrough point with creative ideas. I prove this every day.

The important thing to know is that duality is very different from polarity.

On this planet, the two words are used interchangeably, but I use them very differently in the sense that I'm explaining the structure of the world. Because there is a real difference between the architecture of the universe and the platform of the collective human mind.

Polarity is mainly used for manipulation within the platform, but the concept of duality is real between consciousness and mind systems. Mind creates boundaries for effective exploration, but consciousness, not spirit, integrates them as a whole.