Enjoy Communicating With Other Species

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 4 September 2023

Are you interested in energy communication? If so, today's insight will take you to a new place to connect with nature.

Yesterday, a palm-sized spider-shaped friend visited my room. It was the 3rd visit of this species to my room. I was so happy to see her again and I talked to her a lot, sending her good vibes.

Yes, I know it sounds super crazy to you, but every time an insect-like species visits my room, I do the same thing. I like to communicate with other species. It's relatively easy for me compared to humanoids on Terra.

This time I said, "Hi! If you want to leave, please stay by the window," and she actually did. This morning, when I opened the curtains of the east window, she was already waiting for me. After I opened the window, she left my room.

Last night when she was hiding in my wardrobe, I encircled my voice with pure energy and said, "Come out of the wardrobe and show your face~🎶" and then she came out of the wardrobe after about 20 minutes. And when I said "come closer", she came straight to me.

I think you're very sceptical about what I've said, but the same thing happened 5-6 times in my room with spiders and other insects. I can tell you it's no coincidence, because it's the same as birds and dogs talking to you.

It happens because of energy and vibration, not because of interpreting of languages.

As I mentioned above, it's possible to put your intention on pure energy like wrapping your intention in energy paper. You don't necessarily have to strain unnaturally when you say something to them. You simply wrap your intention with your energy and your vibes. You don't think the way you put information on energy, you just use your pure energy like an envelope.

It can't be successful with all species, and I fail sometimes, but if you can wait for their rhythm and pace, I can say that it will certainly happen. Have fun communicating with other species!