Effective Strategy for Thriving

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 5 September 2023

Grit has been praised in many cultures, and people say 'don't give up'. But the truth is that you can give up and stop competing with others in the survival state.

I'm reading a book called 'QUITTING: A Life Strategy' and the author shares with us an important skill of quitting what we're currently doing. This book tells you that finding a good balance between 'grit and quit' comes from various researches, including birds and bees.

I've also told you in this 'Short Insights' to stop doing what you're doing and let go of the outdated rules. As a technology consultant, I also want to say out loud how important it is to stop, because it's an effective strategy in the sense that it protects you from inefficiency, reverse leverage and cyber attacks.

And all these things are related to 'survive and thrive' or 'dead or alive'.

But there's one thing we always miss - quit surviving. A supermassive letting go of the strong notion of 'I have to survive' is recommended in terms of DNA, business and everyday life.

I think it's OK not to survive whatever happens, whatever it takes.

The fundamental truth that every true alchemist knows is that you can't die. Your human device will eventually decompose someday, but you won't be dead. I'm not saying that your soul is immortal, but I am saying that your individuated consciousness is immortal.

To be honest, I think it's OK if you feel that you've done what you need to do in your life with the device and the environment, you can leave the virtual world. It's the same as your virtual machine stopping services and terminating the instance.

Whether it's deception or not, the incarnation should be more flexible according to your mission and intention.

But the deception systems, for its purpose, it aims to deceive and enslave you by locking you into the illusion systems and countless mind cages, so it always puts you in the survival state.

I have to say that the incarnation and the experience of having your own human device are completely different from what we're experiencing on Terra. I still don't remember, but I feel it's completely different.

I think that the new era of sovereignty and freedom, transparency and consciousness expansion, allows you to experience with the human device and the environment around you in a very different way.