Ditch Both and Get New

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 1 August 2023

Today, I challenge you to think outside the box. The box is the platform that controls and manipulates you. Since the rulers are outside the box, we must think outside the box.

If you're struggling to ditch one social media app for another, why not ditch both? If you're constantly distracted by multiple messaging apps, why not ditch them all? If you have to choose one of two doors to open, why not open the third?

You might say, "But, how can I communicate with my colleagues and friends? How can I work remotely with team members? How do I find that new door to open?" And most people have asked me the same questions.

This behaviour is actually a tangible result (symptom) of you being fully programmed by others.

I say 'fully programmed' because you've almost lost the power of free will and choice. You've given up your responsibility and your creativity. In other words, your mind and energy are fully conditioned and controlled by the rulers and their platform.

Of course, you're not the only one, myself included. We have given up our creativity by throwing away our responsibility. And as a result, we're conditioned and we tend to think inside the box, which is the platform that controls, manipulates and manages all of humanity. It's called the deception systems.

If you look at the ads on social media apps about spirituality, especially about awakening from manipulation, these ads are more likely to be part of the deception systems. They sample some conspiracy theories and they tend to think of themselves as some kind of whistleblowers, but the truth is different. They are constantly creating additional fears as a business on the platform of manipulation.

The strategies designed and implemented by the rulers are more intelligent than we thought. The basic strategies are simple and well thought out to penetrate the basic methods into the nested strategies and individual tactics.

The rulers are NOT human like their human reps, so they are more likely to predict and simulate the future of the holographic deception. Because they think outside the box.

They sometimes to add additional systems to the existing one, but it's not similar to what people do. We just add more features and functions as seen on becoming bloated sendmail.cf and apache to fix and improve things. We add more security procedures to protect our credentials, but the strategies of the rulers are not like that.

One of the reasons we only add things to fix and improve the status quo is also our conditioned mind. This symptom is everywhere. CEOs and managers try to add more tools and apps to automate their chaotic system. They try to add more apps to get more customers. The same goes for supplements.

To be clear, this is a simple 'more is better' programme and this programme is based on the limited mathematical scale of distance. Distance is conditioned as better and higher. And the notion of better and higher is always placed far away in linear space-time.

10,000 is better and higher than 100. And 10,000 is much more than 100. And 10,000 feels very far compared to 100. This is a simple coding pattern in the genetic mind.

You're fully programmed in the limited field and the linear space-time. What's more, you're gradually being compressed into the narrower field - the digital world.

Let's go back to the original questions. There are a lot of options to choose. You can stop using social media apps on your smartphone. Instead, you can occasionally use apps on your laptop.

You can stop using multiple messaging apps for work. Instead, you can use email or document-based collaboration apps to stop being distracted by notifications. You can use messaging apps when you need to, based on your business rules, not someone else's.

You can reduce and declutter what you currently have before adding fixes and enhancements. You can drop or give up things that no longer work for you, even if they still work for others.

You can easily find a new door to open if you start to think outside the platform of manipulation. The platform always gives you only 1-3 choices at once because it's easy to control and manipulate people in bulk.

The easiest thing you can do from now on is to think about the different options by looking at new energy flows rather than the flow that the majority follows.

Energy does not only flow in such limited areas.