Demons and Angels Are the Same

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 3 September 2023

Today, I'd like to share with you my conviction, based on almost a decade of research and hardship throughout my life. It may break your mind...

Update: After publishing this insight, a single word was delivered to my mind. The word is 'omankera' and I've forgotten what it is. It seems to be related to a certain star system, probably from books I've read before about aliens, but at this point I just want to add the fact without rushing to judgement.

I used to like watching the drama 'Supernatural' and also liked the way Dean Winchester talked and the very strange voice of Castiel. How demons possess their meat suits was very funny, and the angel radio was so annoying, but it pointed to real telepathy and how the genetic mind works.

But as my consciousness and mind expanded while taking back my original characteristics, I couldn't stand it because the drama was full of blood and violence. But the power dynamics and conflicting interests of angels, demons, and humans were very interesting themes for me.

In short, I do not really like drama. What I always feel is that people on Terra really like drama. They deliberately create dramatic circumstances themselves, and the circumstances they like always have extreme settings between 2 polarities - good and evil, hot and cold, light and dark, etc.

I have to say that they really like speedball.

But the truth is that these polarities are a kind of measure of a single object. In short, demons and angels are the same object entity. The abstract entity is an operational organisation of the rulers, like Anunnaki for heaven, Igigi for earth.

Interestingly, in light novels and Japanese anime, it's most likely to illustrate 'demons are relatively nice, but angels are bad', and angels usually have to do with conspiracy theories. They once deceived humanity and ascended as gods and angels. You can see a similar scenario in Supernatural.

I think it comes from the genetic mind of humanity and it's based on true history. It also involves the conflicts and propaganda between Anunnaki and Igigi, as well as other forces.

It's a very subjective hypothesis, but I suspect that the self-proclaimed goddess from Sirius is deeply involved in the deception systems. It particularly concerned with the genetic mind (subconscious/unconscious) and it also manipulates us through the genetic mind from the invisible back room.

Drama and manipulation - digital art

It often uses a prototyping strategy to deceive people. It seems to have been iteratively developing and expanding a small prototype for a hundred years and more, and the iterative vortices of the mind objects seem to be semi-automated.

I've been doing my research for almost a decade and have faced so many obstacles and attacks from invisible forces throughout my life, and then yesterday the hypothesis finally became a conviction.

This conviction has given me a very insightful idea. We can examine as much as possible how the power dynamics and conflicting interests of each species directly and indirectly relate to Terra, rather than judge things with the fixed mind route of positive and negative, right and wrong, light and dark.

It's so similar to the difference between the 'linear space-time concept' and the 'vast network and nodes'.

I don't think all the star systems are homogeneous. Sirius, for example, is not a kind of single civilisation, as the spiritual industry has thought. The Pleiades, for another example, don't consist of a singular history. Andromeda and Orion are the same, as is Terra.

It's a very complex subject and it can't be understood with such a dichotomous 'dogmatic' notion. It's time to drop the outdated ideas and mind frameworks. Because we're about to enter the new era of transparency and consciousness expansion. The new era (and True Source) challenges us to grow up as a whole.

To make this possible, the entities and systems that hold us back and prevent us from sovereignty, freedom, coexistence and co-creation, we must stand up and defeat them NOT with violence, blood and drama, but with a broader context and a broader view - new technology and our collective consciousness.

Remember, the entities from Sirius don't mean unconditionally benevolent and supportive. The species from the Pleiades don't mean unconditionally that they are saviours or god-like entities. In the same way, not all reptilians are evil or demonic, while not all the grey-type humanoids are malevolent.

We must wake up and realise that there's no such thing as saviours, chosen ones or gods ruling you. These settings and programmes have all been created to deceive you. The stereotypes and dichotomous polarities are powerful obstacles to this realisation.