Dealing With More Information and Energy

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 2 September 2023

When it comes to seeing the big picture, you don't necessarily have to ascend to a different dimension. You can expand your consciousness at the present moment...

How do you perceive the world? How do you feel the environment around you? How do you understand what happens as always?

Today, you and I will go into the information density and consciousness expansion. This is also related to your psychic ability. So let's go deep!

When I close my eyes, I see vortices spinning slowly in the dark. It's very similar in shape to galaxies, and sometimes it spins clockwise, but mostly counter-clockwise. I can change the way it spins by my intention, but it doesn't last long. Because it takes a lot of concentration.

When I exercise with my body, I use both hands to induce invisible energy to move around. As I breathe, I slowly move my hands from bottom to top and from top to bottom. It's like paving the way for the energy to move. For me, energy is mostly invisible, but always tangible.

What I want to say is that the concept of linear space-time in the human mind is slowly but surely expanding. This means that we gradually perceive the world and our environment in a different way. It allows us to know that this world is actually made up of more information than we usually perceive.

I'd say this understanding has more to do with high information density rather than spiritual ascension.

Vision in Taiwan

Imagine you live in a small cube made of crystal quartz. The space is the same size as your bedroom. You may now sense limited objects such as a bed, a small desk, a black chair, and curtains. And your body.

Because you live in the limited space of crystal quartz, there's no such thing as void or empty space. But your current state only allows you to perceive the limited things. So you feel that there's an empty space around you.

But in terms of information density, the cube is very high. As you expand your consciousness and your mind at the same time, NOT ascending to a higher or different dimension, you start sensing more information and objects within the space.

It's like tuning your guitar. If you play a guitar or bass, it's like adding extra strings to the instrument. You normally play your guitar with 6 strings and your bass with 4 strings, but you can play with 12 strings or 5 strings to express yourself in a different way.

Or, as I used to do, you can choose a fretless bass. This type of guitar requires more skill to pick up accurate tones, but it allows you to use a different type of sound quality even when playing the same song. Now the world of song and sound is slightly but surely changing in its quality - your perception.

Vision in Taiwan

This is exactly what you're dealing with more information than before. And it's the consciousness expansion that most people misunderstand or confuse with ascension in the spiritual hierarchy. There's no such thing as superior or inferior to information itself and its density, as well as energy.

If you loose your perception and expand your consciousness from linear space-time, your world gradually changes. It's mostly not as vivid or colourful as the people in the spiritual industry expected, but you begin to realise that your world in the small cube is filled with information and energy.

And this information and energy will give you a claircognizant understanding (not a vision) of what will happen in the near future. It gives you an invisible information structure, sometimes with visible objects.

This clair-sensing is similar to coming up with new ideas or strategies for my clients. I always use vibes and as much information as I can have at once, so my idea or plan usually sounds crazy to them. Because it's not a prediction like AI, it conceives with objects, vibes and more information density.

Vision in Taiwan

People in business tend to focus on a very limited area to build strategies or plans. But if you could hold more information density, like organisational structure and vibes of each person and each stakeholder with the world trends and environmental energy, their idea and strategies will be quite different.

In any case, when you free yourself from this tightest world with strict rules, your mind and your consciousness will expand. In terms of energy, as your consciousness moves, energy follows. The mind objects and modules help you make this possible.

In the self-development industry there's a very popular quote 'what you focus on expands', but I don't think that's always true in my experience. It actually helps you feel and get more information by pinning your small mind. But I don't think it works the way people explain it.