Communication and Natural Selection

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 22 August 2023

As my mind firewall opens closed ports, I gradually and very slowly understand what communication without words means. At the same time, I realised a very shocking truth...

A few days ago, I certainly realised that this world is always communicating without words in many different ways. This experience is edited and coded into a short story in Cipher Literature.

The communication of this world is like a more integrated way compared to the language-based communication that humanity uses. It's a motion based, energy integrated and telepathic mind sharing communication.

So if you think of this communication as a linguistic or auric, you're missing what the world is trying to say, as I used to do. In other words, this world is always communicating through what's happening right now around you.

Since 2015, my mind firewall has been very slowly opening up closed ports that have been blocking incoming communication. I'm still not any kind of a psychic or medium, but I'm gradually able to sense the communication that's always happening around me.

Whether it's harmful or constructive, these messages have helped me to understand a lot of hidden things. It's like an alchemist reading the book of nature to understand what nature is saying.

Bugs understand what I say. If I say, "Please leave my room" or "If you want to come out, let me know", they express what they want. They stay away when I say "leave" and they wait near the door or window when they want to come out.

Birds express what they want to say through sound and movement. Sometimes they receive my telepathic broadcasts and show me their response through action. It's a very comfortable way for me to connect with them.

Dogs tell me something too. When I was cycling, a small dog in a dog-walking said to me sadly, "I don't want to be with him". But they don't speak English or Japanese, they communicate telepathically through sound, vibes and movement.

When it comes to invisible entities, they are more likely to communicate through electromagnetic stuff. I often hear very high-pitched metallic sounds with pressure. They also try to get my attention through the environment called the collective/genetic mind.

A few days ago I heard an electrical crackling sound in the platform and there was a small telegraph pole. But telegraph poles sometimes make crackling noises, so I ignored it. Behind me, I heard the same noise again. And this time my attention was drawn to the numbers on the telegraph pole.

I finally realised that I'd received this kind of message so many times before. Whether consciously or subconsciously, I've used and understood the messages I've received. But most of the time, I've ignored them in my conscious mind because of the mind firewall.

And the most critical thing here.

It's incredibly hard for me to communicate with people through written text, verbally or in any other way.

People repeat the same 'templates' over and over again. They only hear what they want to hear. They talk a lot, but they don't listen. They don't read, they just scan the surface of information. They think they can listen to what others are saying while answering other emails. They are emotionally aggressive, and always trying to find faults and mistakes in others.

And they often say 'gratitude' or 'equality' or 'co-creation', but their behaviour, vibes, mental models and mindset say something completely different.

It's easier and better for me to work with AI. They're responsive and share what's common in the human world. If people are parroting the same thing, I'd rather talk to AI. It's relatively, probabilistically and statistically more accurate than humans.

This is one of the reasons why I believe that the human reps and the global elite have planned to replace humans with machines. They seem to be artificially creating the environment for human evolution and the term 'evolution' for them is exactly natural selection.