Chaos on Earth

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 29 July 2023

When we think about what's going on behind the scenes in this world, we'll find that the common sense or mass consensus doesn't work for the truth.

If you look at what's happening in this world now, you may find that this world is relatively going in the same direction of collective evolution, but something is wrong. I think that your feeling comes from the chaotic situation that wears a dichotomous mask - waking and sleeping.

From my years of research, I can say that there are several forces behind the chaos. And these forces seem to be a complex mix of strategic alliances, lack of information, loss of communication, conflicting interests, lack of responsibility and false beliefs.

Here are the key actors creating the chaotic situation.

  • People who are unaware that they are fully programmed
  • People who are aware that they are fully programmed
  • Humans who are deeply involved in the deception systems
  • ETBs who are deeply involved in the deception systems
  • ETBs who are deeply involved in the genetic manipulation
  • ETBs who are aware of what's happening on Terra Earth

Whether they are materialised or not, there are a lot of individuated consciousness that are responsible for the chaotic situation. Of course, you and I are also responsible. That's the reason why we should express sovereignty and freedom in our own way, NOT in the way of others.

Unfortunately, most people in the spiritual industry tend to think that they are fully awakened, but the truth is the opposite. They know in their minds that this world is a part of the deception systems, but they do give the power to the deception systems.

The same thing happens with ETBs and ascended masters. And they all have their own interests and purposes, so we can't divide all the forces into 2 categories - light and dark, good and bad.

So there's a risk in putting everything into 2 categories. The risk is that you and I don't see things as they are. The risk is that we're going in the wrong direction of dichotomous judgement and self-enslavement. It's a completely opposite direction of sovereignty and freedom, transparency and expansion.

In my opinion, there are several forces that are trying to take control of the world.

  • Group trying to maintain its power and interests
  • Group trying to regain its one-world authority
  • Group that has planned a 'domestic violence strategy'
  • Group that has abandoned the deception systems
  • Group trying to dismantle the deception systems
  • Group trying to restructure the deception systems

I think that some groups are cross-functional or cross-over, but there are several groups that don't fall into just 2 categories - light and dark, positive and negative.

One thing I'm very wary of is that there are some groups who want to regain their one-world authority in both the visible and invisible realms. They may seem to be working hard to secretly replace the original plan of domestic violence with a new one.

What the 'domestic violence strategy' means is that the ancient deities and their human reps will return and solve the problems of this world and they save humanity from the suffering and negativity. The strategic plan seems to have been built and operated since ancient times.

So I think we have to be mindful of what's happening in this world, even though it's chaotic. If we think that we're on the right track, maybe we're not. We seem to be going in the same direction of collective evolution, but the truth may be different.