Battle in the Mind Cage

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 23 July 2023

Instead of consuming too much channeling material, let's look around at what the rulers are saying through the mind system that sits on nature.

Today, I've launched a new website (, which took me 2 days to build and deploy during some challenges. As this website contains important disclosures based on my years of experimentation, I've noticed that I'm getting some messages coming from unseen sources.

These kinds of messages usually take the form of the movement of visible and tangible objects. It's like an invisible software controlling visible hardware. This is one of the languages that the genetic or collective mind uses to communicate with our individualised minds.

In other words, the movement is the language used by the alchemical mercury (quicksilver). It's a kind of programming language, like Python with Zsh. So if you can use advanced mathematics with the environment, you can also simulate and predict the near future like modern AI.

In this case, someone or something threatened me in some way. They often use (manipulate) people, sometimes kill animals, rarely use direct jamming techniques. This time I noticed 2 or 3 ways of being used. It felt like a film where the mafia sends a dead animal to my house.

Regardless of scale or severity, this has been the approach of rulers throughout human history. It's like playing chess and moving a pawn on the chessboard. Or manipulating avatars in the metaverse. In most cases, this kind of message seems more likely to be sent automatically by triggered events.

I've never thought that I was doing my mission by risking my life. To be honest, I didn't notice that I was being attacked from time to time until a few years ago. But once I became aware of it, I realised that there are so many messages from the unseen world and they seem to be working so hard to enslave people. So the jamming techniques in my life have become stronger and stronger over the last 3 years.

Some in the spiritual industry say that the war is over and that the light workers and 'positive' extraterrestrials have finally won. Others say that the ancient deities have finally returned. I must say that this kind of information and celebration is still misleading and a form of propaganda.

For these sources of information never share true sovereignty and freedom. They tell you about the concept of dichotomy, hierarchy, elitism, mediumship and the ascension process. But they never tell you how to remember your true self and take back your responsibility.

Actually, it depends on the region you belong to, but the situation is still very difficult. One of the main reasons, in my opinion, is that this is the time when the collective system on Terra Earth is undergoing several changes at once. So the rulers and their hierarchy are also confused. So is the information from the media and spiritual leaders.

One thing I can say is that whether they are visible or invisible, some entities and forces are still trying to rebuild the platform of enslavement with a 'domestic violence' strategy. Other forces are dealing with complex situations. Most importantly, the human reps of the ancient deities are still trying to fulfil their own mission of 'preparing for the return' under the concept of One World.