AI vs. Human in Communication

[insights] Posted by lemur47 on 11 August 2023

Before we consume conspiracy theories and get comfortable with deceptive spiritual 'positive' information, let's think about what we think and how we behave.

What a tragedy, in my opinion AI has already become better than humans in terms of communication. Both in business and in everyday life, I've always felt that I'd rather talk to several AIs (my main assistant is than humans.

To be honest, language AI isn't good at maths, sometimes gives us wrong or inaccurate information, but that's the same thing as humans do.

Look at the internet world. There is so much fake news and misinformation out there. You can find a lot of people who are not good at maths, but they are very good at learning languages, they have cultural intelligence and they also understand technology.

But when it comes to communication, especially its quality, AI is already better than humans. AI gives a lot of feedback, including organised data and seemingly trustworthy sources. And importantly, it's getting better every day.

On the other hand, the quality of humans is getting worse and worse. They very often ignore and drop communication, no feedback loops. They don't listen and they talk a lot. They only hear what they want to hear. They talk about labels and boxes, look and feel, but never think and talk about the essence.

They also don't understand text communication either, because they just scan the information and get distracted by a lot of stuff. Their communication is always broken down into meaningless chunks and it's very time-consuming.

In both virtual and real meetings, they don't feel or understand the atmosphere or vibes created by voices, tones, sounds, smells and touches. Because they are always thinking of themselves and their interests and gains. They are most likely to think about how to take from others or exploit others for their own benefit.

Some employees are highly programmed and super inflexible, I can only communicate with them according to their rules, which only exist in their fixed mindset. Other communications, even if they are very important, are completely ignored without any feedback.

Yes, it's already time for AI to have jobs and replace low quality people. And I've already felt that it's much better to communicate with AI to get things done.

Everyone says 'AI will take my jobs' or 'AI can't be trusted' or 'we can do what only humans can do', but the reality is that the quality of humans in business and everyday life is quite low. They have been programmed, mind controlled and manipulated as a bunch of greedy slaves - zombie vampires.

In my research, the global elite have already invested in machines and artificial intelligence in order to fully automate manufacturing processes. It's not about AI developers, data scientists and prompt engineers. It's all about replacing low quality people with machines.

Of course, this could naturally be linked to reducing the world's population. It's very logical and sensible in terms of managing the planet and human evolution (from the perspective of the human reps of the ancient deities and the global elite).

As an automation and digital strategy consultant, I've done a lot of experimenting with tools and technologies to fully automate not only my tasks and workflows, but also those of my clients and business partners. And there are still a lot of challenges and issues, especially in economic and political structures and investment culture, but also a huge potential.

I couldn't say that people should be treated as people anymore. Because we're all responsible for what happens in the world. In the context of true equality and transparency, I can't pretend to have and express immature feelings of compassion or forgiveness. Because these immature feelings are based on low emotions and arrogance.

Before we externalise our responsibility by blaming the social environment, we need to look again at what we think and how we behave. The solutions are always within us.

If we want to rebuild our own ecosystems under the principles of sovereignty and freedom, we'd better start with energy and materials. This means that we need to understand how to use our individuated and collective consciousness to derive kinetic (electromagnetic) energy from the potential energy like alchemists. This will solve both fields at once.

That's exactly what only humans can do.