When Terra Tells You a Story

[cipher] Posted by lemur47 on 20 August 2023

Discover the heartwarming stories of non-humanoid friends on Earth, from a fluffy child sparrow to black crows, reminding us of true generosity and kindness.

On the afternoon of a very hot day, a fluffy child sparrow said confidently, "Look at me! Look what I've done!" There's a bug in his beak, he's finally got some food for himself.

A few hours later, in another place, a mother and her child have arrived at a tram stop. The mother keeps shouting at her child, "Don't do that! Stop it! If you don't stop, you won't see grandpa!"

A few minutes later, there's a cat in the same place where the child sparrow had tasted his success. She’s sleeping peacefully on the street, next to a young student.

And there's the mother and her child at a train station. The mother is still shouting at the child, "Don't do that! Stop it!" The voice is loud enough for everyone on the platform to hear.

There's a sparrow in a rice field. She says, "Hey! I'm here!" and then leans out of the grass to look at her friend's face. She stares at her friend for a few seconds as if she has something more to say.

In the same rice field, there're garbages that seemed to be thrown away from a car. The garbages include plastic bags, cans, snack packages. The same thing always happens around the area.

There's also a dirty rubbish dump next to a residential flats. The dump is filled with 'rejected' rubbish, so it's hard to get new rubbish in.

Above the mailboxes in the flats are littered with abandoned DMs, and the wind always blows the papers away. Every time the admin cleans up, people throw them out of their mailboxes.

In the same building, there's a black crow waiting for his friend. When it rains, he always tells his friend, "Watch out! It's going to rain!" This way his friend can avoid getting his clothes wet.

The black crow has a mate, they are always very close and they whisper to each other. They always speak to their friend without words, "Welcome home, my friend" or "Good night, my friend".

But sadly, there are countless people who are always thinking about how they can be more famous on social media, how they can attract more people, how they can make more money and how they can take from others.

They mainly focus on how to take advantage of someone while wearing the mask of generous and supportive people. They always confidently smile on the book covers and profile picture.

But please don't forget. There're many friends on Earth who aren't humanoid in form, but are very generous and heartwarming species, such as the fluffy child sparrow and black crows.