The Point Where All Boundaries Dissolve

[cipher] Posted by lemur47 on 20 August 2023

Experience a world where boundaries fade away, as secret missions unfold amidst dim lights and hidden conversations in the vibrant sky.

After the planes drew lines in the sky and the white lines have dispersed into the dark night, stars and artificial flying vehicles begin to light up.

These dim lights are largely covered by a dark grey, painted by strong emotions and secret missions. It feels like the sky has been sealed to hide things from public view.

A relatively cool breeze on this hot night tries to blow away the thick grey, but an approaching large black silently tells the wind that the effort won't be fruitful.

Lately, the atmosphere has been used as a volatile route for secret conversations. And the hidden envelopes are delivered everywhere. Even in the unknown forest of quartz crystals in the abyss, the letter is delivered without a footprint by the electric mind.

Magnetic motions run like spinning around the enlightened mind to get more illumination from dim lights in the sky. This secret conversation sometimes sparks like auric fireworks on the black screen with grey marbles.

There are countless atomic minds floating in the void, while no boundaries divide them. Each mind sparks and speaks with motions, generating colours and painting them up with emotions.

As the lost words emerge from this muddy, black, chaotic void as moving shapes with colourful lights in motion, the secret missions begin to become visible.

Nothing is hidden in the place where all boundaries are dissolved. Birds are no longer in cages of circles and rectangles. The egg-like golden sphere and the huge black cube have already dismantled and dispersed into the void.