The Emerald Tablet Deciphered by Ancient Dynasty

[cipher] Posted by lemur47 on 19 January 2024

Discover the hidden truth of the philosopher's stone and its connection to astral power and magic. Uncover the secrets of ancient dynasties and their use of alchemy.

A few years ago, an alchemist discovered the hidden truth of this world during the research of the philosopher's stone.

Actually, the philosopher's stone itself has been a hidden truth in human history, but some organisations and secret societies related to magic and alchemy know what the stone really means. It has to do with the astral power and the astral field. So you can see in some alchemical books that there are seven stars and the sun and the moon around a practitioner.

If someone were to succeed in making their philosopher's stone by distilling the chaotic mercury and dark energy, they would eventually have a whole new position in the complex flow of energetic feedback loops. The people in the new age society or the spiritual industry have called the invisible but tangible stone the astral body. Some people call this body the human soul.

Speaking of the astral power, it is closely related to a special kind of magic that works with the astral stars and constellations. And this type of magic has been secretly used by magicians, alchemists and royal families not only in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, but also in the most eastern dynasty.

The modern alchemist, who found the hidden truth of this world, was incarnated again into the human body associated with the ruined dynasty to reveal the truth for the huge upgrade of this universe. So they learned a lot of things in this lifetime about how to communicate with other people on earth in terms of systems and technology, because they had to explain what was happening to this planet.

To learn the language that the people on earth use, the alchemist learned several languages, including English, French, Latin, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia and Japanese. They also learned other languages, such as Python, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Markdown and shell script.

But there are more languages of communication on this planet.

The most important and universal language is movement. Every being expresses itself in motion. Motion creates a specific form with vibrations, so we can resonate with its form and vibes in communication. This resonance in motion is actually a primitive but advanced technology of communication. Some advanced telepathy is also based on this foundation, which the people on earth call quantum communication.

And it's also the foundation of magic and alchemy, especially the astral magic.

Sound is a type of vibes that creates many things. Sound art with a certain design creates mental models and the mind that connects these mental models as a system. A set of minds is called a mindset, it's a set of systems that work together as a whole. This is a foundation of this universe and the foundation is perceived by human beings as a tangible and material world like a 3D hologram.

The art of sound is a part of the hidden truth found by the alchemist.

The art of sound creates everything in this universe where most people perceive the whole universe. But the truth about the whole universe is quite different. The art of sound, which is the lost words or the primitive language, created this universe as a replica in the whole universe, which is more like the whole multiverses.

The hidden truth is simply that there are innumerable universes in the whole multiverses, and this universe is one of them. And this world we live in is made up of countless bubbles of illusion that operate in the multi-layered systems of virtualisation technology called the inter-dimensional universe.

This inter-dimensional universe is made up of complex systems - dimensions, at least 9 dimensions. And each dimension, which differs from the levels of information density, is based on and belongs to the mindsets of other beings, so it's called cosmic consciousness. But the point is that the cosmic consciousness or a set of cosmic consciousnesses is not the same as the whole multiverses.

This is the hidden truth that a very few people on earth know.

In ancient times, the people on earth didn't have the technological or scientific language that we have today to explain what this world is made of or what technologies are used for. So they often use the terms like the four basic elements, the fifth element, the astral realm and the etheric substance with a lot of metaphors.

But the truth is that there are very few cryptic words to keep the truth secret. Most of the terms explain exactly what it is. The problem is that the people living on this planet now don't know what it is. For example, the astral plane and the astral power are literally related to the field, the energy and the power of the star systems. And the star systems or the astral systems are actually part of the terraforming technology.

The interesting thing about the astral systems is this.

The lost words that created this replica of the universe also have a replica of the lost words themselves. It's like the Python interpreter implemented in C++. It's more like a virtual environment for Python applications on a Linux distribution. The same thing happens on and in this planet. Each virtual environment is called a particular dimension.

In mathematical terms, it can be said that we live in the digital world on the base-10 system. And the base-10 system operates on the base-60 system. This is not just a metaphor or an analogy, but the concept and limitation of linear space-time operates as such a nested virtualisation. And so does this world. Magicians and alchemists must therefore understand this technological specification in order to make things happen.

The creators, called the ancient deities, created this virtualised world with the lost words, which are like mantras and sound art that work with energy, and they also developed a replica of the words that work with electromagnetic energy. This is called Kototama, and this set of words plays a vital role in the astral magic or the celestial agriculture. But anyone who wants to use this replica should be very careful that it is only a replica of the lost words.

The point is that the world we perceive is not the real world. It is only a world as part of virtualised technology. It's most likely the virtual environment or a metaverse where people unconsciously play their roles under strict surveillance and restrictions. So the people on this planet should be very wary of the mantra 'we are creators and we can do anything' because it's simply a big lie.

The same goes for the layered dimensions. The layered dimensions are part of the virtualised technology and the systems of this replica, which is this world or this universe, and the layered structure was deliberately designed by the architects called the ancient deities. Some people might realise this because the structural design is seen on the Mandala or the Sephiroth.

The mother ground that cultivates things written in the ancient traditions is also not the same as what the people on this planet think. The mother ground is the true environment of the solar system. The alchemist realised that Terra is the mother ground and Gaia is one of the virtualised systems belonging to this planet.

On the environment, the virtual environment is installed for a replica of the universe in which the people on earth live. That's why our human bodies and souls are designed and optimised for the limited virtual environment and not for the real galaxy.

This is the main reason why we can't meet with other species in this universe.

The alchemist with invisible beings concluded. If we still cling to the concept of the astral and etheric realms like the old school magicians and alchemists, we won't reach the state of awakening. Because these components are part of this world and this replica of the multiverses, we must first unlearn what we have learned.

After the massive letting go, the light will begin to shine from within and without. This means that the true philosopher's stone is not the purified astral body, even if it looks like a gold, but the stone is our individuated consciousness, which every being can use without any limitation that exists on this planet.

This is a new magic and an upgraded alchemy.