Pigeon That Changes This World From the Ground Up

[cipher] Posted by lemur47 on 28 June 2024

This cryptic story is based on what happened in my life. You can listen to the story with the sound. The sound art can be downloaded from the shared drive.

I'm a pigeon, but I don't know who I really am.

Most of the time I'm with my tribe, looking for food, and sometimes I sing a song by myself. My song sounds like a guitar riff made of power chords.

But there are two things I can do as part of this world. One is to warn people by singing a song with a little bit tension. The other is to show myself to a certain kind of people, to share something with them.

When I walk through a park or a food street, it seems that no one is interested in me and no one really cares about me. But sometimes a strange person will look me in the eye and say something sweet. It sounds like cheap healing music, but lately I've realised that I'm expecting them to say something to me.

Yesterday, I heard a very strange song coming from an open window. I was very curious about the sounds, so I flew to the window and found a good place to feel the vibes.

lemur47 · retune this world with pureness

I didn't know, but I was sure that the vibes made me feel very good. The vibes consisted of many frequencies, such as water flowing gently somewhere, other bird-like species singing like me, and something I had never heard ringing very loudly.

Suddenly, I remembered. I knew the vibes. I had felt them before in the same place. I could remember that it was very different from other music that confused me with electric, heavy and noisy sounds.

This time I noticed that there was another factor in the differentiation. The vibes I felt were like a mother's heartbeat spreading something warm through some frequencies. It was like an electromagnetic communication that we always use to know the direction.

I subconsciously understood that there was something toxic in the vibes of our mother's heartbeat. Our mother was still being poisoned by certain vibes created by humans. These vibes were once deliberately designed and implemented into the existing vibes to confuse us.

What I find very strange is that humans are often poisoned by the toxic vibes, even though they have created them and use them. This situation is very strange to me, because with other species it's more like suicide.

I and my tribe are always happy to explore our mother and feel very comfortable with her vibes, but we are no longer able to feel the same. That song reminded me of something important.

I'm a pigeon, and I don't know who I really am.