Pack the Past and Travel Time Here and Now

[cipher] Posted by lemur47 on 9 September 2023

Discover the profound journey of a young philosopher who has finally unlocked the secrets of time travel and the interconnectedness of space-time.

A young philosopher has finally understood how time travel works.

They have been contemplating it for decades, and this morning they finally had a tangible experience of it. Suddenly the time came when they were hanging out the laundry. A white linen shirt and a silvery hanger shone brightly under the autumn sun.

The philosopher grew up in a very strict environment, like a prison or an internal concentration camp. The environment was full of rules, punishments and violence under the name of God.

Because of this environment, they became very sick, especially their spirit and mind. They had lived like Sisyphus with unpleasant tasks. When they found a little pleasure, it was always taken away and forbidden. It was like digging a hole and having to fill it up again and again, literally by being whipped.

With this experience, they began to secretly contemplate the deep relationship between religion and enslavement. This was actually their 'philosopher's egg' in alchemical terms.

After almost a decade, the philosopher was finally locked up in the mental hospital. On a very hot night, they were first tied up to a bed and were locked in a very secure and isolated room under strict supervision.

They were in the hospital for 3 months and they were in the secure room for about half of that time. They weren't allowed to have a note or a pen. All they could do was to walk around the rigid bed in the white room.

After moving to the shared room of the hospital, they were given a book called 'ETHICA' written by Spinoza. As they read the book, the young philosopher began to understand what 'God is dead' really meant.

The philosopher still didn't know it yet, but it was the time when the philosopher's egg had hatched.

In another decade, the philosopher began to understand for sure that the social environment, which is the world we perceive, is actually the same as the small world in the mental hospital. Nothing is different except its size.

They literally incubated their philosopher's egg in the mental hospital and the egg hatched and was perceived as the structure of the world. This realisation gave them profound things beyond space-time. One of the essence of the profound things was the 'platform of enslavement' based on the 'holographic systems'.

As the philosopher went deeper into metaphysics by reading the book of nature, they also began to understand that the concept of time was real but the strong illusion. They finally understood that time, more like space-time, is just distance in the inter-dimensional world.

So there's no 'real' time in the present moment. The philosopher realised.

Time has been created and maintained by humanity since ancient times, and it's a collective consensus that we simply follow the groove of the planetary record. But it's a virtual and artificial rule that keeps us from freedom.

With this realisation they began to know that they are not their body and that they have multiple bodies as part of the galactic consciousness. This means that they can travel through space-time when they shift their consciousness and it doesn't happen as most people think.

And finally the young philosopher has understood that they're from the future and they've come from far away in the context of space-time. And they're mostly following the same groove as other people on this planet.

But on the multiple levels and beyond space-time, they came from the future and lost their memories so as not to affect on the planetary environment. The situation is so hard in the sense that they live as they are, but they've finally understood why they forgot who they are and why they're slowly beginning to remember who they are.

Under the autumn sun, the young philosopher has realised that they're always travelling through space-time, from the future to the present, from the present to the future, but it doesn't look like what most people imagine.

Like a white linen shirt and a silvery hanger, their body plays a role in experiencing the present environment and a role in placing the true philosopher in the present moment. Under the philosopher's sun.