A Small Shrine and a Long History

[cipher] Posted by lemur47 on 24 August 2023

Experience the rise and fall of the villagers' wishes and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the shrine's present state.

About 300 years ago, the people of a small village built a small shrine. They called it 'Crow Shrine' and worshipped one of the ancient deities that had secretly ruled the people from the back room. They also added their ancestor to the object to be worshipped, and kept maintained the sacred place as a 'spiritual' telephone box to talk to their gods.

Over time, people gradually lost their ability to perceive what's happening in the unseen world. But they continued to worship their god and ancestors for hundreds of years. As the people forgot about the unseen world, the object they worshipped also gradually changed.

When it was first built, the object was a kind of spiritual portal to send and receive a message between worlds. But as people lost the ability and sent too many wishes in one way, dead animals and dead people were attracted and began to join the spiritual network, gradually becoming part of the object.

As a result, the inside of the shrine was filled with dead spirits, and around the shrine were some entities that wanted to be worshipped and listen to what people were saying. But people didn't notice this situation and still sent too many wishes like "please give me a good harvest" or "please give me more money".

Some of the people began to have miraculous results. They were winning at gambling and their rice fields were producing really good crops. But at some point they started to fail again and again.

As this cheap 'rise and fall' experience permeated the small village, they themselves suffered, and completely forgot about the psychic ability and the existence of the object. And they finally forgot why the shrine had been built in the first place.

Nowadays, their children grow crops in a very different way. They use chemicals and everything is very systematic now. But the bell of the small shrine never stops ringing and people pray at the shrine every single day.

One day, an entity who knew the ancient deity their ancestors worshipped came to the small shrine. And the entity happened to hear what people were praying to with a bell ringing and hands clapping. At the same time, the entity saw who were listening to their prayers and noticed that the object was no longer there. Yes, the spiritual telephone box was no longer working.

And the entity looked around the shrine, an old man was chasing away 2 black crows. Although the crows were not doing anything to him, he was threatening them and chasing them away from the shrine. The entity remembered that the name of the shrine was - 'Crow Shrine'.

The object that people once worshipped used to play a role in the portal between worlds, but now it is like a spiritual ruin or an abandoned hospital from which most people run away. But people still come to the shrine and send their wishes by ringing a bell loudly.