A Shocking Interview With a Resistance Leader

[cipher] Posted by lemur47 on 21 August 2023

Discover a shocking interview with a leader of the secret resistance, as they delve into their mysterious mission for sovereignty and freedom.

A few years earlier, a freelance journalist had successfully interviewed a leader of the secret resistance, whose members always act independently for each undercover investigation. Because of this independence, no one has ever been able to contact them for decades.

The journalist asked the leader what their mission and what their objectives were for deploying operations in different places of this planet. In some cases their operation was literally underground, in others it often seemed like living and spending time like the majority of people.

But for the journalist, their mission was still unclear. And it was unclear who or what they were resisting. So the journalist asked the leader straight out: "After all, what is your mission? Who are your enemies?"

The leader tried to answer the questions as best as they could, but at the same time the leader knew that even if they answered the questions very honestly, the journalist wouldn't understand what their mission and objectives were.

"We're doing this for the sovereignty and freedom of the entire species of this planet," they replied. "The most important thing to know is that there's no adversary to defeat except our collective mind," they added.

The journalist had frowned as listened to them, expecting them to name the enemies they were fighting. And also expected them to give them a specific reason why they were fighting to expose the crimes and deceptions that the shadow government had perpetrated from behind the scenes.

But the leader of the secret group had never given them specific names. They always used very abstract objects and analogies to describe what they were doing. To be honest, they seemed to be at a very advanced level of agent or consultant, not giving any specific information, but this abstract and vague conversation made the journalist very irritated.

"To be honest, we don't think that everyone should achieve sovereignty and freedom," the leader began. "Because we all have the ability to make a choice," they continued. "This free will is always used everywhere, by everyone, by every species of this planet, as well as in this galaxy."

"There's a perfect balance between the rulers and the slaves on this planet. Whatever the reasons, it's a fundamental truth". They added a shocking truth. "That's why we don't give you specific names or information. And the word 'specific' doesn't mean anything when it comes to understanding the truth".

"In my opinion, the civilisation on this planet is gradually but surely going down a very strict, limited and oppressive path," they added more truth. "I think in the very near future there will be several dystopias as a form of urban city and the rulers will lock their slaves in the limited areas."

"And the world population will be reduced by the rulers with the determined and well thought out strategies." They had added another shocking but 'expected' truth. "But we don't fight against the situations, because the majority of people have made a choice of their own."

"What? You don't fight the secret societies and the shadow government?" The journalist had interrupted the leader. It sounded like they should be fighting those organisations on behalf of the people of Earth.

"No, we're neutral about what each individual chooses," the leader replied. "It makes sense to be suppressed and deceived if you choose to remain a slave to the rulers, whoever they're, even though we're entering the new era of transparency and independence."

The leader concluded: "What matters to us is sovereignty and freedom, not an 'all-in-one' or 'one-size-fits-all' civilisation. Those who want to free themselves from the state of enslavement should be free. But for those who want to remain in the zombie state, it makes perfect sense to us that they will experience more suffering and more deception... as they expected."